First Hands on with MIMIC — It’s a Game Changer [ Plus Score a Free MIMIC + MOVI Package ]

Today I’m excited to be the first to share with you a piece of game-changing technology that will help new AND established cinema / video camera operators capture world class moving pictures in the most intuitive, simple way that I’ve ever imagined. And if you read to the bottom of this post, you’ll see I’m giving you a chance to win this gear valued at ~$5000.

Over my career in the photo & film industries I’ve had the good fortune to collaborate behind-the-scenes with many of the brightest minds, top brands and most innovative products. Among those I count experiences with Apple on iPhone and other products, with Nikon on the world’s very first video DSLR (D90), Ustream and now Meerkat and Periscope on live internet broadcasting and…well…drones, software, computers, etc…game changers that completely re-defined entire industries and — most importantly from my perspective — they share the common thread

Concept of MIMIC
MIMIC explained
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Philip Bloom Accused of Domestic Violence, Dropped by Kessler Crane


Accusations of domestic violence have emerged against British filmmaker Philip Bloom, who’s well known in the world of DSLR filmmaking. As a result, Kessler Crane, which has previously sold Bloom-branded equipment, announced yesterday that it will be ending its business relationship with the filmmaker.

The allegations started back on March 27th, after Bloom posted a public message on his Facebook page that denounced Top Gear ex-host Jeremy Clarkson punching his producer. Photographer Sara Collaton, Bloom’s ex-fiancée, published a response to the message on her own page, calling Bloom “an abusive hypocrite”:

Philip Bloom is an abusive, manipulative hypocrite.If anyone would like to share or like this post for others to see…

Posted by Sara Collaton on Friday, March 27, 2015

In responses to commenters, Collaton claims that she was subject to “non stop verbal, emotional and physical abuse” while engaged to Bloom and traveling on the road with him five years ago. “I couldn’t let him get away with a post like yesterday’s without saying anything,” she writes.

Other members of the photography and filmmaking communities began voicing support for Collaton, commending her for her bravery in coming forward with her story.

Yesterday, a second woman stepped forward claiming that Bloom had abused her while they were together. “I was in a relationship with Philip for two years and during this time I also experienced abusive behaviour, verbally, emotionally, and physically,” wrote Sarah Estela in a comment on Collaton’s original post.

Kessler Crane has decided to part ways with Bloom after partnering with the him on branded equipment for filmmakers.

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LinkedIn Acquires Lynda for $1.5 Billion, Now Owns 500+ Photo Courses and 24,000+ Videos


LinkedIn announced today that it has shelled out $1.5 billion to acquire Lynda, the popular online education site that is teeming with material for photographers. As part of the acquisition, LinkedIn is now the new owners of, among many other things, 500+ photography courses and 24,000+ photography tutorial videos.

“I believe we can make it even easier for professionals around the world to accelerate their careers and realize their potential through the learning and development of new skills,” writes Ryan Roslansky, the head of content products at LinkedIn.

“We are thrilled to be part of something bigger than ourselves,” writes Lynda founder Lynda Weinman, “[We] look forward to helping more people learn the skills that are needed in today’s rapidly changing economic landscape.”

Part of that changing economic landscape includes growing competition from companies such as CreativeLive, which photographer Chase Jarvis co-founded back in 2010.

A screenshot of Lynda's Photography training section.

A screenshot of Lynda’s Photography training section.

You can find Lynda’s photography training resources here. Each of the online photography courses includes free videos.

This is What the History of Camera Sales Looks Like with Smartphones Included


A few months ago, we shared a chart showing how sales the camera market have changed between 1947 and 2014. The data shows that after a large spike in the late 2000s, the sales of dedicated cameras have been shrinking by double digit figures each of the following years. Mix in data for smartphone sales, and the chart can shed some more light on the state of the industry.

Here’s the original chart in case you missed it the first time around:

Photographer Sven Skafisk decided to see what the same chart would look like with smartphone sales factored in. Here’s the chart he came up with using data from Gartner Inc. (The figures don’t include the sales of PDAs and “dumbphones”):


“I would argue that the camera industry is healthier than it’s ever been… but the brands we all think of as ‘the camera companies’ aren’t participating,” Skafisk says.

Smartphone cameras have improved quite a bit in the past several years, and smartphone sales have also been skyrocketing. Correlation between growing smartphone usage and declining camera sales doesn’t imply causation, of course, but still, these sales comparisons are interesting to see.

P.S. Here are a couple of additional facts: the number of photos captured each year has also been growing exponentially since the beginning of photography — digital took over film’s volume over the past decade or two — and 92% of smartphone users worldwide say that the camera is the most used feature on their phones.

Photo of Runner Snapping Selfie Snags Prestigious Photojournalism Prize


Photojournalist Troy Wayrynen has been selected as the 1st Prize winner of the Sports Feature category in this year’s Best of Photojournalism contest by the NPPA, one of the most prestigious awards for photojournalists.

His winning photo, a crop of which is shown above, shows a high school runner using his phone to take an unusual selfie at the beginning of a cross country race.

The runner was 17-year-old Jacob Gillingham, a junior at Skyview High School in Vancouver, Washington, who sprinted ahead of the pack to snap the photo — “not such a good idea, Gillingham says.” Wayrynen was in just the right place at the right time, and captured a photo of Gillingham the same moment the runner snapped a photo of himself. Gillingham later shared his image through his Instagram account.

But first, let me take a selfie #XC #firstplace #RollStorm #overall61 #worthit #selfie

A photo posted by Jacob Gillingham (@football_jake16) on

Runner’s World reports that the winning photograph was actually one of Wayrynen’s outtakes from that day. It was never officially published, but the photojournalist decided to submit it to the NPPA’s contest.

Wayrynen tells Runner’s World that he believes the photograph to be “a sign of our times” that’s “interesting and humorous at some level.”

“I’m excited and grateful to be awarded first place in the sports feature category. It simply feels good to be recognized alongside so many other outstanding photojournalist,” writes Wayrynen on his Tumblr page. “A special thanks to the judges for their time, incredible commitment and dedication for making the NPPA Best of Photojournalism contest one of the best.”

Image credits: Photograph by Troy Wayrynen

A Look at Lenny Kravitz’s Photo Book, Exhibition, and Limited Edition Leica M-P


Famous rock star and photographer Lenny Kravitz is having quite a year in the world of photography. In addition to publishing his own photo book and holding a gallery exhibition for his work, Kravitz has also partnered with Leica in designing a custom Leica M-P rangefinder called the “Correspondent” edition.

Here’s a short video showing the launch event Kravitz held with Leica camera for the book and exhibition:

And here’s a video showing an unboxing of the new Lenny Kravitz-designed Leica “Correspondent” M-P:

Only 125 of these artificially aged cameras will be available to photographers and collectors worldwide. The cameras come with a Summicron-M 35mm lens, a Summilux 50mm f/1.4 lens, and a custom case for the kit.

(via ISO 1200)

Olympus Launches Customer Loyalty Program: Earn Points to Save on Gear


Olympus has launched a new program called Olympus Rewards that’s designed to reward loyal photographers in the United States with special savings.

Photographers who sign up for the program can earn points in the program in various ways, including signing up for an account (50 points), shopping for gear through Olympus, on your birthday (250 points), writing a product review, connecting with Olympus on social networks, signing up for a newsletter, and referrals.


The product pages on Olympus’ website now show how many points you earn by purchasing each item:


Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for gear through Olympus. If you’re an Olympus photographer and are interested in joining this program, you can sign up for it through the Olympus Rewards site.

Image credits: Header photograph by John Ragai

Sony Sells Half Its Stake in Olympus for Cash, Now No Longer Largest Shareholder


Sony became the largest shareholder in Olympus back in 2012 after investing $645 million in the company in exchange for a reported 11.5% of shares. It’s not the largest anymore.

The company has just sold about half of its remaining shares in Olympus to the bank JPMorgan, reducing its stake from 10% to 5%.

The stock is worth a reported $632 million at its current price, and Sony says it will take in about $390.4 million in capital gains from the sale.

Reuters reports that Sony made the decision to reduce its ownership of Olympus in order to raise cash for its current restructuring goals. The company is trying to invest more in its video game and image sensor divisions while reducing its involvement in less profitable businesses.

According to Bloomberg, Sony is hoping to use its image sensor expertise to move into the world of health care equipment, adapting sensors that are currently found in smartphones and cameras.

Sony’s original investment in Olympus had helped the latter company recover from the major accounting scandal that rocked the Japanese business world.

Despite now owning a smaller stake in Olympus, Sony says it will continue to maintain its partnership with the rival camera maker.

Image credits: Header photograph by Zhao !

Popular Lighting Gear Maker Photoflex Closing Shop After 30 Years in Business

Sand Bag Logo [Converted]

Photoflex, a popular manufacturer of lighting gear and camera accessories, has unexpectedly announced that it will be closing its business that has been in operation for three decades.

Among the products offered by Photoflex prior to this closure were reflectors, softboxes, umbrellas, stands, flashes, constant lights, and more.

Reasons for the closure were not given, but we’re hearing that the business was struggling as of late, and that they’ve been handing out layoff notices to employees in recent days.

The news of the closure came in the form of an announcement image posted to the Photoflex homepage.


Email the address provided in the announcement, and you’ll receive an auto-reply directing you to the company’s bankruptcy lawyer.

Photoflex Operations have ceased on March 27, 2015. Please contact our Attorney Michael Malter or Nan Corber at 1-408-295-####. email or

Thank you,

So although this news is coincidentally being reported on April Fools’ Day, this particular story does not appear to be a prank. RIP Photoflex.

(via Resource Magazine)

Flickr Now Lets You Add Public Domain Photos and Release Shots to the Public Domain


Last week SpaceX posted its photos to Flickr and released them to the public domain. Unfortunately for the company, Flickr didn’t have any public domain designation they could use, so even though SpaceX founder Elon Musk said the photos were public domain, the images were shared under a Creative Commons license that required attribution.

That has now changed. Flickr announced yesterday that it has created two new options for members in the copyright dropdown panel: public domain and CC0, which allows users to release content to the public domain.


The Public Domain option lets you upload photos to Flickr that don’t have any known copyright restrictions — photos from a century ago, for example. The CC0 option lets you upload your own copyrighted photos but release copyright entirely, putting the photos in the public domain.

Both options allow for unrestricted usage of images with absolutely no strings attached. Anyone would be able to find and use the images for any purpose, edited or not, commercial or not, and attributed or not.

And yes, Musk has made good on his statement and all SpaceX photos are now properly labeled as public domain:


You can read more about the Public Domain mark and the CC0 designation to have a better idea of what they mean and how they work. The default setting on all Flickr uploads is still All Rights Reserved, but you can also change your default to Public Domain or CC0 now if you wish.

VIDEO: Unboxing The New DJI Global Inspire 1 Drone

You my dear friends all know the drone photography + cinematography, UMAV’s, quadcopters, whatever the hell you wanna call them is all the rage these days. You don’t need me to tell you that. But even I couldn’t have predicted when I was first playing around with this stuff back in 2008, 09 and 2010 how fast this technology was going to blow up (figuratively). And…well… I’ve gotten to know the fine folks from DJI Global, attended their launch event in SF end of last year…and lo and behold, I last week scored their newest machine–The Inspire 1– and holy crap. #nice stuff.

Even if you’re not a pro, the DJI Global Inspire 1 drone (or unmanned aerial vehicle, but that’s a debate for another day!) is going to make you feel like one. For the first time (with any degree of quality), this sexy beast has its own camera, made by DHI, just for UAV filming. There are lots of other bits too…some great, and the jury’s out on some other features… My rants and ramble are in the above video, but here’s a quick list o’ specs:

  • 4k camera mounted on the drone
  • 12mp stills
  • 1.2 mile radio range
  • 3-axis gimbal
  • Wireless 720p HD live view back to earth via the mobile app, so you always know what it’s seeing
  • GPS to help guide it — and find it, in case you’re a bad pilot
  • Indoor mode with spacial awareness
  • Average flight time: Between 18 and 22 minutes

Other hot features on the Inspire 1 that make it sweet? Frickin lazers! Ok, just kidding. But it’s got landing gear that retract and expand on takeoff and landing, without sacrificing the 360-degree view of the camera. It’s also got an optional double-remote feature, so one person can

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How to Overcome NO & Beat the System — “Dear White People” Director Justin Simien on #cjLIVE Wed Dec 10

UPDATE: In case you missed it, here’s the re-watch of the incredible episode with Justin Simien, below!

OR if you’re hungry for my audio PODCAST here via iTunes or (be sure to subscribe) or download the MP3 file here. Subscribe to keep up with future episodes and take a peek back all previous shows including performances by Macklemore and the Lumineers, insights from Adrian Grenier from Entourage fame, Tim Ferriss and many others.

It’s my hope that after watching this you…
…are now more inclined to take on a huge creative challenge
…can use Justin’s approach and techniques to overome hearing “no” in pursuit of your dreams.
…have a better sense for the “new” democratized way that films can get made..
…have a better understanding of how to recognize and respond to systematic racism.
…have now experienced another visionary and inspiring creative.

These are just some things that I took away… Surely I missed a bunch that are worth a shout out, of course feel free to let me know!
justin simien chase jarvis live REMINDER: this show is TODAY Wed, Dec 10, at NOON San Francisco time (3pm NYC, 20:00 London) and is broadcast LIVE at Tune in, join the global internet audience + live Q&A w/ Justin Simien. PLUS – I’m giving away a camera today too! Details below – see you soon.

Years ago as an up & coming photographer, I got so damn sick of hearing NO, sick of hearing what I had to BE and what my work had to LOOK LIKE in order to “make it”. Now years later and after some modest success, I…actually, wait, who am I kidding…that banter from the world never really stops, regardless of success or achievement. So the question I started asking myself some time ago WASN’T “how can

justin simien dear white people chase jarvis live
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Let’s Hang Out! WIN a Meeting with Me + $500 in Camera Gear + all of CreativeLive Photo Week for Free

UPDATE: The contest has closed and we have a winner! Steve Groves has been randomly selected – and he scores the 1:1 with yours truly, $500 from Adorama and the entire PhotoWeek 2014 from CreativeLive. Stevo: send an email to to claim your prize and get that consult scheduled. Everyone else: thank you so much for entering!
I can point to a handful of in-person meetings that changed the trajectory of my career in photography. It’s with that in mind that I’ll ask if you remember the time one photographer scored a private consultation with yours truly + $500 and free photo education?

Well, let’s you and me hang out. Given that a)I think I might have some insights to get you un-stuck in your career / review your portfolio / make some recommendations on approach to creativity and business; and b)the last giveaway was a hit; and c)it’s frickin Photo Week right now… we’re going in for round #2. Yep – I’m giving away another 60 minute 1:1 consultation with yours truly, along with $500 from Adorama, plus all of Photo Week from CreativeLive which is 6 days worth of photo instruction from many of the world’s top instructors. How to enter? Everything you need to know is right here …

HOW DO YOU WIN? Once again, we’re using our favorite widget app to collect all of your entries. It does a few things really well:
1. manages all entries into a completely secure database and properly randomizes a winner
2. gives you info about how much time is left in the giveaway / how many entries there are etc
3. allows you to earn extra entries by participating more deeply in the community (tweeting, sharing, reading posts, etc.)


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Looking for Just 100 Beta Testers — like YOU — for Mylio [New Photo Software]

UPDATE: this opportunity is now full/closed (sorry – that took all of 2 minutes). Thanks to all who showed interest. To those who missed out, I’ll let you know when Mylio is publicly available.

One of my favorite things about living a life at the intersection of artist/photographer + entrepreneur/tech founder is that — through community, experience, network, and passion – I get access to a ton of the newest, emerging IDEAS & PRODUCTS from all over the world. And it’s always my goal to share as much of this with YOU as possible — whether thats the newest cameras, photo apps, gadgets or any number of startups I advise.

So that brings me to the point of this short post: I’d like advance help from YOU on a cool new product, not yet released. I’m advising photo software startup called Mylio (short for My Life Organized) and it is looking for just 100 beta testers.

But what is it? Mylio is an insanely intelligent photo management + basic editing system for photographers who want to spend more time enjoying their photos and less time searching through them. Put bluntly, the first time I used Mylio, I tasked it to organize the 25,000 snapshots across my iPhone, my iPad, and my daily laptop. In no time flat I was looking at images off my first iPhone that I hadn’t seen in years. Once buried images of photoshoot scouting trips to New Zealand and Asia, my old portfolio and my new portfolio were at my fingertips. I even found copies of some of my signature images, long ago buried on a backup of backup somewhere, or so I thought. In short, Mylio had organized my pictures from every corner of my life, my memory, and my daily devices

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Behind-the-Scenes Look at My ALS #IceBucketChallenge Shoot [Complete with Gear, Details & Photos]

Chase Jarvis Ice Bucket Challenge BTS

Hi Friends. Hopefully you saw my #IceBucketChallenge video and donated or participated in the #ALS internet meme (and were able to keep sight of the real target of raising awareness + $$ for ALS!)

To be clear we were just goofing from a production standpoint, but since there was some cinematic playfulness and we used a bit of photo tech for my icy challenge, I got a bunch of questions / comments from readers asking me to detail our production. So here’s a quick breakdown, including approach, gear, setup, settings + video editing, complete with BTS photos and a final parting shot. Follow-up questions & comments welcome…

First, since time and resources were limited we resolved to keep this shoot as low weight as possible. So even though we busted out some fun toys, the whole thing — concept, setup, shoot, edit, and post to the internet — took place in a matter of hours.

Photo Gear
_Main Camera: Nikon D4s with 24-70 2.8
_Camera settings = ƒ8 / 1/250th sec / ISO 200
_Manfrotto 057 Carbon Fiber Tripod (Ball Head-RC4)
_Additional Nikon D4 (for behind the scenes’ photos) with 12-24mm 2.8 on another Manfrotto tripod
_3x PocketWizard Plus III, 1x (Chase’s hand), 1x (On camera), 1x Lighting Pack.
_Broncolor Scoro Pack
_Broncolor Beauty Dish
_Broncolor 100×100 Soft Box
_Chimera M Soft Box
_3x Broncolor 1600 Unilite Strobe heads
***All this gear is detailed here on the gear page, with specs and prices avail here from our pals at Adorama.

Video Gear
_Panasonic GH4 for tight, slow motion 96FPS
_Panasonic GH3 for wide
_10x GoPros for the bullet time array
_2x Manfrotto 545GB Tripod (526 Head)
_3x LED Panels 100W each
***All this

chase jarvis diagram
chase jarvis als ice bucket
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Aerial Landscape Photography Porn – Iceland Style

Over the years I’ve kicked out a bunch of vids shooting from the skies on commercial gigs, like here, here, here and here for starters. But occasionally, on the heels of a commercial assignment based out of a particularly stunning location, I’ll treat myself to some heli time shooting my ongoing aerial fine art project (personal work with dose of adventure). In fact, I’ve documented these adventures before — like here in New Zealand. I even did a how-to shoot aerial photography thingie here from Belize… but truth be told, all this flying never gets old.

And so it stands to reason that I’m rolling out another bit of aerial photo porn today in hopes of bringing a little joy/beauty to your day AND of course celebrating a quick hit to a gorgeous little corner of Iceland. Please enjoy. As always, taking your questions and comments below, answering those that I can muster.

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[And, lastly, before you eeeeeven dismiss this post/video and say “This is so outrageous, when will I ever get to shoot from a helicopter,” I’ll just say that every photographer who has ever shot from a chopper has said those same words at some point… only to find themselves at a future date pulling heavy G turns and shooting from a blue sky somewhere. You can probably even hitch a sightseeing ride for less that it costs to rent a lens for the weekend, so take it all with a grain of salt and enjoy. And, of course, a HUGE shoutout to my guy Big Chocolate for the beats.]