How One Photographer’s Camera Saved Him from Loneliness

Photographer Ryan Pfluger says he uses photography “as a means for therapy and connection.” In this 12-minute talk he recently gave at TEDxPasadena, Pfluger shares an inspirational insight into how photography has played a major part in bettering his life. Pfluger has photographed many celebrities, including Obama, Angelina Jolie, and other notable figures, but that’s not what he wanted to talk about on the TEDx stage. Instead, he shares how a camera has been his only trusty companion and savior from loneliness. Having had a difficult childhood, Pfluger says that photography was “a way for me to meet people
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8 Tips to Try When Shooting Portraits for Better Results

Here’s a 5-minute video with 8 simple tips beginning portrait photographers can try in order to improve results. These words of wisdom come from photographers Jessica Kobeissi and Kayleigh June.

#1: Add Accessories

Giving your model accessories to wear can add a different dynamic to the shot.

#2: Get On the Model’s Eye-Level

Assuring that it is “proven by science,” June says shooting on eye-level with a model makes the photo “more comfortable” for viewing.

#3: Make Sure There is No Hair Around the Neck

Lots of hair around your model’s neck can make it appear like they don’t have
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The Significance of a Personal Project

My daily stroll through the newly-built but already-decaying park near my apartment in Hanoi while listening to Spotify on a brisk (by Southeast Asia standards) morning has me in deep thought. We only get this type of weather for a couple months a year here and I absolutely love it. I grew up in New England and this is the temperature I was built for, I truly am a different person. I’m smarter, more motivated, and dare I say a deeper man when I’m able to wear long pants and a sweatshirt. The stroll has me feeling introspective and pondering
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On ‘Making It’ as a Photographer, or: What if Your House Burned Down?

What if your house burned down? Have you still “made it” as a photographer? 3 weeks ago I was sitting, much as I do now, winding down on a Saturday evening, finding some time to write a newsletter and blog post. I had just released an image shot for Kohler, a company whose advertising I had wanted to be a part of for a long time, and wanted to write something around this image and the process to create it. Earlier in the day, I had listened to comedian Bill Burr being interviewed on Tim Ferriss’ podcast. A good laugh,
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Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life /w Glennon Doyle

Glennon Doyle is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling memoir Love Warrior, and Carry On, Warrior. Glennon is also the founder of Momastery an online community reaching millions each week, and Together Rising—a non-profit organization that has raised seven million dollars for families around the world through its Love Flash Mobs, which have revolutionized online giving. Prepare your ears for a healthy dose of honesty, as that’s what Glennon does best. She says things that others aren’t comfortable saying and does what she believes is true and beautiful, even under threat of career suicide. We talk about Continue reading "Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life /w Glennon Doyle"

Who Shot It Better? Turkey: Graydon/Herriott or Peden/Munk

The New York Times tells me that the Pilgrims didn’t eat turkey, but that hasn’t stopped the flightless bird from becoming the protein du jour in the U.S. for the Thanksgiving table. And in celebration of the most traveled day, we bring to you two images that have graced the pages of bon appétit magazine for… The post Who Shot It Better? Turkey: Graydon/Herriott or Peden/Munk appeared first on PhotoShelter Blog.

Ugly Places, Pretty Portraits: I Did a Photo Shoot in Lowe’s

A few weeks ago, a model friend of mine, Rachelle Kathleen, and I were planning to meet for a fun little photo shoot. Instead of searching out the usual beautiful locations around where we live, I had the idea to do just the opposite. I wanted to go somewhere “ugly” by all conventional photography standards and then see what we could do with it. Lowe’s seemed like the perfect option. The point was to challenge ourselves. I wanted somewhere with horrible lighting and limited backdrops. Somewhere that made absolutely no sense for a photo shoot. Our local Lowe’s home
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The Photographer Behind Windows XP ‘Bliss’ Shot 3 New Wallpapers

Bliss, the photo used as the default wallpaper on Windows XP, is considered to be the most-viewed photo in the history of the world. The photographer behind that iconic photo has just published three new photo wallpapers, this time for smartphones. Charles O’Rear captured his famous photo in 1996 in Sonoma County, California, using a medium format camera while on his way to visit his girlfriend. The photo was sent to Corbis before Microsoft purchased the photo rights in 2000, the year before Windows XP was launched. Now, 21 years later after Bliss was shot, the airline Lufthansa recently
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3 Pro Tips for Building Your Brand as a Photographer

Looking to build up your brand as a photographer? Here’s an inspiring 15-minute discussion with well-known photographers Chase Jarvis and Ben Von Wong that’s filled with advice on how you can do so. Back in 2012, Von Wong was a budding photographer knocking on the door of Jarvis’ studio and wanting to meet Jarvis and look around his studio. Fast forward 5 years, and now Von Wong is all over social media feeds (he has hundreds of thousands of social media followers) and his images are continuously going viral. Jarvis invited Von Wong onto his channel for this enlightening chat
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These Architectural Photos Are Optical Illusions That Will Confuse Your Brain

German photographer Max Leitner has published a project titled “Misleading Lines.” It’s a series of architectural photos shot in Warsaw, Poland. They’re not standard architectural images, though: Leitner photographed an urban gymnast from unusual angles perspectives to create mind-bending optical illusions. The project was done in collaboration with Nikon, the company behind the wide-angle lenses Leitner used for these images. He was shooting with a D850 DSLR. “Max photographed Warsaw’s most beautiful structures while incorporating urban gymnast Benni Grams to create optical illusions and make the viewer question what’s happening in the images,” Nikon tells PetaPixel. Many of the
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This Photographer Builds His Subjects with Cardboard

After moving into a new home, photographer Juhamatti Vahdersalo noticed the cardboard boxes he used sitting in his garage. So, he decided to get creative and use the used cardboard for a photo series. “I’m a creative-minded person and feel very frustrated when creativity strikes and I have nothing to photograph,” Vahdersalo says. “This was the main reason to start making these cardboard models.” Vahdersalo cut out cardboard pieces and used hot glue to create miniature models of things like a boat, airplane, and house. For his environments, Vahdersalo used things like sand, water, flour, and a smoke machine
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Pete Souza’s Obama Book is Here!

A confluence of events led to the success of Pete Souza as Chief White House Photographer for President Obama. First, he’s a supremely talented photographer and visual storyteller. Then he negotiated an all-access approach with a photogenic president. Obama’s years in office also largely coincided with the rise of social media which led to accounts… The post Pete Souza’s Obama Book is Here! appeared first on PhotoShelter Blog.

This Photographer Burned Photos by Igniting Gunpowder on Them

Salt Lake City-based photographer Dewey Keithly recently came up with an unusual way to edit the look of portraits: he creatively burned them by igniting gunpowder across the surface of the giant prints. Kiethly originally came up with the idea after watching the documentary Sky Ladder and seeing the work of Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang, who’s known for creating art with controlled gunpowder explosions. To create the portraits for an event put on by SilencerCo, a manufacturer of firearm silencers, Keithly shot digital photos and then printed each portrait in both color and B&W using a large format Epson printer.
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Get Un-stuck And Make Real Money

In speaking with people all over the world, I’ve found hearing other people’s struggles is a fascinating way to helping ourselves breakthrough. This week’s episode is my keynote from CreativeLive’s PhotoWeek. On stage, I sit down with four brave volunteers to discuss some of their biggest pain points, fears, and blind spots blocking us from living, and working toward our dreams. In this episode, I talk about: Defining your dream. Many creatives haven’t defined what they actually want. If you don’t know what you want it will be hard for you to get it. Understanding your why. When the going Continue reading "Get Un-stuck And Make Real Money"

This 89-Year-Old Shoots Playful Self-Portraits

Kimiko Nishimoto picked up a camera for the first time when she was 72 years old. 15 years later, the 89-year-old photographer is now receiving a good deal of attention in Japan for her photography. Nishimoto is a talented still life photographer who captures the tiny, beautiful details of flowers, but she also shoots lighthearted self-portraits of herself in bizarre costumes and situations. Many of the images are captured using a wireless camera remote. Nishimoto will be holding a month-long photographic exhibition of her silly photos in Tokyo next month, teaming up with EPSON for the prints. The show
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