I Let Hundreds of Mosquitos Bite Me to Get the Perfect Photo

Like most good stories, this one is made of blood, sweat, and tears. Well, maybe just blood and sweat. And clicks — lots of them. Blood, sweat, and clicks… If you have a fear of blood or find mosquitos disgusting, read on at your own risk. As a macro photographer, I am always on the lookout for new spots to explore. One day in October 2017, I took a day off from my day job and went out with my macro gear to explore a new location in hopes of finding some tiny creatures I had not encountered before. As
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24hr Challenge: Shooting 7 Creative Travel Photos with a Compact Camera

We recently gave photographer Nate Luebbe a challenge to test his creativity under pressure: he was tasked with shooting 7 creative travel photos that capture the spirit of Norway within 24 hours using a compact camera. The 8-minute video above shows how he fared. Luebbe was shooting and vlogging with the Sony RX100 V, a premium compact camera with a 1-inch sensor and pro-grade autofocus performance. As you’ll see in the video, Luebbe’s effort came down to the wire, but he managed to capture these 7 photos in the span of that one day:

Photo #1

Photo #2

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This Guy Shot Formula 1 with a Game Boy Camera and Phone Lens

Photographer and Formula 1 fan Tim Binnion recently attended the 2018 Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai. In addition to shooting the race with his Nikon DSLR, Binnion also decided to document it with a 0.016-megapixel Game Boy Camera from 1998… and the results are pretty awesome. “To my knowledge, no one has ever shot motorsports with a Game Boy Camera before, and there’s probably a good reason for that!” Binnion writes. He was inspired by the work of photographer Joshua Paul, who shoots F1 with a 1913 Graflex 4×5 view camera, and Alexander Pietrow, who shot the
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‘You Must Create’: This Spoken Word is Inspiration for Photographers

Photographers can easily become distracted by the pursuit of things like popularity and success, but one thing that many photographers find beneficial is going out and creating photos just for themselves rather than for others. Here’s a 5-minute spoken word performance titled “You Must Create” that encourages photographers to do just that. This dose of inspiration was created in collaboration between The School of Photography and spoken word poet and artist Ölmo Lazarus of Poetry to Succeed. Here’s a transcript of the poem:
So you haven’t got a million followers,
You haven’t got a million pounds,
You haven’t conquered the
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10 Tips to Up Your Street Photography Game

Kai Wong recently got together with street photographers Joshua K Jackson and Craig Whitehead (a.k.a. SixStreetUnder) to make this helpful 10.5-minute tips video containing 10 nuggets of wisdom for upping your street photography game. Here’s a quick rundown of the 10 tips covered (along with the timestamps at which they’re found): 00:49: Overcome the Fear
03:40: Upgrade Skills Not Gear
03:53: Have Your Camera Ready
04:20: Remove Technical Distractions
05:28: Tell a Story
06:00: Everyone Shoots S**t Shots
07:07: Create Your Own Luck
08:32: Forget Technical Perfection
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An Intro to Timelapse Photography by a Hobbyist Who Became a Pro

If you enjoy watching timelapse videos but aren’t familiar with the ingredients that go into making one, check out this 3-minute video by Guardian Australia. In it, professional timelapse photographer Matthew Vandeputte talks about the process as well as his passion. Vandeputte is a Belgian-born, Sydney-based photographer “who has made a name for himself pushing the technique to its limits,” The Guardian writes. Although Vandeputte started shooting timelapses simply as a hobby, his work eventually got so good and became so well known that he was able to become a professional commercial timelapse photographer.

The Art of Entrepreneurs /w Lewis Howes on School of Greatness

Today on the podcast, the tables are turned. I’m in the hot seat on my pal Lewis Howes’ podcast, The School of Greatness. I’m sure you are familiar with Lewis – he’s an entrepreneur, high performance business coach, keynote speaker, and author of the best selling book The School of Greatness. In this episode, we discuss: The people who wrote the rules were no smarter than you. We talk about confidence to go against the grain, breaking rules and writing your own script. I share a few of my favorite techniques for getting over creative blocks. How to visualize and Continue reading "The Art of Entrepreneurs /w Lewis Howes on School of Greatness"

A Look at the Life and Work of Wildlife Photographer Tom Mangelsen

Want to be inspired by a legend of wildlife photography? Check out this new 12-minute 60 Minutes segment on the life and work of Tom Mangelsen, a 72-year-old photographer who’s behind some of the most recognizable wildlife photos ever made.

Mangelsen has spent a “stupid” amount of time waiting in the great outdoors of countries around the world — he spent 12 to 14 hours a day for 42 days waiting in one spot before he captured an extremely rare photo of a wild female cougar. And through it all, he has learned one of the biggest lessons in

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How a Photographer “Discovered” Sikh Captain America

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, Balbit Singh Sodhi, a Sikh-American gas station owner in Mesa, Arizona, was viciously shot five times by Frank Silva Roque. Roque told friends that he was “going to go out and shoot some towel heads,” and mistook Sohdi as a Muslim, beginning an ignominious trend of violent misidentification in… The post How a Photographer “Discovered” Sikh Captain America appeared first on PhotoShelter Blog.

What One Photographer Learned from Failing a Photo Shoot

Late last year, photographer Irene Rudnyk reached out to a model and makeup artist for a photo concept she had in mind that featured a woman illuminated by a lantern at blue hour. Rudnyk shares in the 7-minute video above how, after putting in considerable time and effort into putting the shoot together, she failed at the actual shoot. Rudnyk says that there were a number of unforeseen issues and challenges that could have been prevented by being better prepared. First, she didn’t like how the location looked during the time of the shoot — Rudnyk recommends scouting not just
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How I Ran at a Tornado for the Photo of a Lifetime

Today marks the 10th anniversary of one of the most memorable, satisfying and career-changing days as a professional extreme-weather photographer. In early 2008, Nikon asked if I’d test-drive the D700, the company’s latest DSLR camera at the time, ahead of its launch. I accepted the challenge and my goal was to capture striking and severe weather images. I began shooting on April 3 and spent the next month in the field traveling through Texas and Oklahoma. I wasn’t, however, finding the storm I wanted: something extra picturesque over a stark landscape. May 8 marked the shoot’s 36th day and
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5 Fine Art Photographers Reveal Their Sources for Inspiration

Earlier this year we launched The List – a selection of 90 finalists from our 80,000+ community of PhotoShelter members, chosen by a panel of independent judges. This week we are highlighting all five of the fine art photographers from The List. Each of them shared with us their sources for inspiration as well as… The post 5 Fine Art Photographers Reveal Their Sources for Inspiration appeared first on PhotoShelter Blog.

Photos of Dutch Tulips from the Ground and Sky

As a travel and landscape photographer, being on the road for a lot of time is nice, but I always try to be home during the tulip season. This isn’t always easy as the exact timing of the blooming is always quite random. Sometimes the tulip will show itself during April and sometimes you have to wait a bit til May. They’re usually here for a period of 2 to 3 weeks depending on the weather. A safe bet is usually to visit at the end of April. Most tourists go to our famous tulip garden named ‘the Keukenhof
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Ego is the Enemy: Detach Your Ego From Social Media

Growth. Real, personal, soul-fulfilling, butterflies in the belly-inducing growth. That’s the key to my happiness; my personal metric for success. It doesn’t matter what I achieve or how much of it I attained. I define myself as successful simply in the process of progress.
Abhor flatterers as you would deceivers; for both, if trusted, injure those who trust them –Isocrates
Lately, I haven’t been doing much growing. Neither in my personal career nor in my photography career. It’s made me step back and really take stock over what defines my growth and what inhibits it – the people, scenarios,
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What It’s Like to Shoot a 24Hr Race as a Motorsport Photographer

Here’s a new 13-minute mini-documentary by photographer Jamey Price that shows what it’s like to work as a motorsport photographer during a grueling 24-hour-long endurance race. Price shot the behind-the-scenes footage while covering one of the most prestigious endurance races on our planet: the Spa 24 Hours. “Basically the question was asked, what is it like to cover a 24 hour endurance car race?” Price tells PetaPixel. “It’s an answer I can’t really describe. So we set about trying to film it.” Price says he originally picked two other races for this documentary — the Daytona 24 and
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On Diversity: Nikon Names 6 Female Ambassadors

We’ve written many times about the role of diversity in photography and how camera brands represent themselves through their ambassador programs. In the past, the statistics have been grim. Part of the bias towards older white men is an echo of the legacy and historical reality of professional photography. But with the democratization of photography… The post On Diversity: Nikon Names 6 Female Ambassadors appeared first on PhotoShelter Blog.