How I Blended Multiple Landscape Photos in Alaska

How I Blended Multiple Landscape Photos in Alaska What should a photographer do when surrounded by thousands of dead fish, some of the fastest ocean tides in the world, and wild bears that want to eat anything in sight? You take a deep breath and attempt to capture the beautiful scenery. Welcome to Valdez! [ Read More ]

How Taking a Break From Social Media Made Me a Better Photographer

How Taking a Break From Social Media Made Me a Better Photographer By the time you finish reading this paragraph, 500 hours of content will have been uploaded to YouTube, 65,000 posts to Instagram, and 3.3 million updates to Facebook. It is easy — and sometimes not a conscious choice — to become enveloped by this constant flow, but as artists, it is important we take intentional time to remove ourselves from the noise and continue to learn, grow, and succeed from the incredible tools the world has to offer. We just need to go out and utilize them. [ Read More ]

Photos of Dogs in Breathtaking Landscapes

Polish photographer Alicja Zmysłowska has a new photo series that combines her three biggest passions: photography, dogs, and traveling. The images show dogs posing in breathtaking landscapes. The 23-year-old photographer, who has created several viral photo series of dogs, wanted to do something different and ambitious with her dog photography. For the past three years, she has been taking dogs out into the great outdoors to show the power and beauty of nature in her photos. The series is titled “Craving Miracles.” “I wanted to combine dreamlike landscapes with dogs as my main models, to create something unique
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Improving Your Landscape Photography Isn’t About Your Camera

Improving Your Landscape Photography Isn't About Your Camera

Most people reading this article, going to workshops, and watching YouTube content want to improve their landscape photography. It is the question I get asked the most, and there are many answers and solutions to this. But without doubt, the most important part, but often the hardest, is actually being in the right place at the right time.

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