How to Overpower the Sun to Shoot Stunning Outdoor Portraits

Taking portraits in bright sunlight has been a bit of a no-no for a long time, but the truth is that you can actually get stunning results if you use a fill flash. The results look awesome and give a high-end feel to any outdoor portrait, and the best thing is that it’s really not too difficult. You just need to understand how to use a fill flash. Warning: The video above contains some portraits that may not be work-friendly. Check out the image below showing why we use a filll flash in photography and the best way to
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Tricks for Shooting Better Outdoor Macro Photos

Want to improve your macro photography game? Here’s a great 12-minute DPReview TV episode in which master macro shooter Don Komarechka demonstrates some simple techniques and setups you can use to capture better outdoor shots. Komarechka’s tricks include examples of setting up backdrops and lighting for shooting things like ice, water drops, flowers, and rocks. Previous articles Komarechka has written here on PetaPixel include shooting high-res photos of snowflakes: A snowflake photo that took 2,500 hours to create: Using UV light to make nature fluoresce: And capturing vibrant colors inside snowflakes: You can find more of Komarechka’s
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This Cluster Light is Made of 7 Godox AD200 Flashes

Like most photographers who have been working for many years, I have my favorite, go-to lights. These include the Broncolor Para 88, 133, and 222; the Broncolor ‘pre-2006 style’ Flooters; the Elinchrom Zoom Spots; and Elinchrom Litemotiv Indirect. Note: This article contains a portrait that may not be work safe. I have adapted all of these modifiers within the last year to fit the Flashpoint 1200H remote heads, as well as the 600Pro (AKA Godox AD600 Pro) and 600H Pro, as I prefer these mobile, lightweight, HSS capable flashes for the flexibility they provide over any other current brands
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This is Why Lighting Height and Angle Matter in Portraits

How you light your subject is one of the key decisions you’ll need to make when shooting portraits. The Koldunov Brothers published this 9-minute tutorial showing the impact the height of a light source makes and some typical mistakes photographers make in placing and angling lights. The video examines the problem areas on a face that are introduced when the primary light source is too high or too low. While these issues may be less obvious when additional light sources are present, they’re still unappealing looks that are difficult to hide in the resulting photos. The tutorial also provides various
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Make a $10 DIY Disco Light Modifier for Round-Head Flashes

Controlling and modifying light is a lot of what photographing with studio lights and battery-powered strobes is about. Especially when it comes to portraits, I like to work with my lighting setups so they add something that is not perfect or flat. Twisting and turning your lights to make use of the edges is one very effective way of doing that. Breaking up the light with a scrim, gobo, or something else is also very rewarding. This do-it-yourself project is all about a cheap prism from an LED Disco Party Bulb that I found for under $10.

A Cheap Disco
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Fstoppers Reviews the Angler Circo LED Ring Light

Fstoppers Reviews the Angler Circo LED Ring Light Ring lights have been around for a while, but recently they haven’t been as trendy as they used to. Except in the YouTube beauty industry where many influencers rely on these, day in and day out, to create their content. I recently tried the Angler Circo LED Ring Light to see how good it was. [ Read More ]

You’ll Be Amazed by the Photos You Can Create With Just One Light

You'll Be Amazed by the Photos You Can Create With Just One Light If you look at the work of the best studio photographers, you'll probably notice most of them use multiple lights to achieve their final results. And while there's certainly nothing wrong with that, you might be amazed at what you can accomplish with just one light, and this great video will show you every step in the process. [ Read More ]

Continuous Lighting vs. Strobes: The Pros and Cons of Each

It’s photographer Jay P. Morgan here. Here’s a new 11-minute video in which I compare the pros and cons of strobes vs. continuous light and conduct some indoor and outdoor lighting tests between the two for you to decide which one to use when you are shooting.

What is Continuous Light?

When I say continuous light, it can be tungsten light, it can be LED, it’s basically any light source that stays on when you turn it on! A part of my personality just loves continuous lighting and that’s because I love video. These are some real advantages to using
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How I Shot This Hair Shoot

How I Shot This Hair Shoot Hair photography can be a pain to shoot. Having a good hair stylist is incredibly important to make sure you don’t end up spending more time than you should behind the desk for the retouching. When it comes to hair, you’ll already have to spend more time than you’ll like. [ Read More ]

The simplest interview setup ever: the modern update

Many years ago I wrote about the simplest interview lighting setup ever. Here’s my modern take on that same setup.
The TL;DR version is: I still use it.
I don’t shoot a lot of small talking-head interviews anymore. I work with bigger crews, and while I still shoot interviews the scale tends to be bigger. Generally, though, I use variations on this same theme. There are many ways to light faces, but to do this right one has to study those faces to get a sense of how they take light. When you’re shooting someone you’ve never met before, it’s
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Japan’s Rovers, iPad Photography, Lighting of The Nun Film and More – planetOids – 2018-10-02

Here are a few things we’ve found around the web that are cool. (Curated by Matthew Carew) Who wants to see some photos that are OUT OF THIS WORLD?! (pun intended). Check out these photos from Japan's rovers!
  • Asteroid Photography From Japan’s 2 Rovers Are Out Of This World (Huffington Post
Who wants some free courses from Apple? These courses teach you how to do some video, photography, music, and more skills for the iPad.
  • Apple releases Everyone Can Create free course on Apple Books, covering iPad photography, music, drawing and video (9to5Mac)
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Speed lighting: more lessons from the ARRI Academy

The ARRI Academy isn’t only about learning how cameras work. We also teach how to use them.
I’ve never seen a class as motivated as the one we had in September. My co-instructor is Nico Fournier, of MTL Grande Studios in Montreal. We’ve been trying to make the ARRI Academy as much about artistry as technology. We use cameras to create art. It helps when our tools make it easier to capture our vision, but it’s all about the vision. Technology is a facilitator, not the goal.
We’ve split the course into two core pieces. On day one, Nico covers
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Learning Lighting From a Master

Learning Lighting From a Master Photographer Michael Muller has been shooting the biggest names — often for the biggest movies — for more than 30 years. In this video, self-confessed lighting newbie Sawyer Hartman heads to Muller's studio to learn a few tricks of the trade. [ Read More ]