New Fuji X-H1 stills/movie flagship !

I can’t understand why this is promoted as a movie flagship camera when it clearly has problems recording beyond 15minutes, this is a bad limitation for any movie camera. Having no headphone socket, how can you produce any dialogue with no sound monitoring. When you compare this to a Panasonic GH5 for video there is […]

Zeiss Unveils the Loxia 25mm f/2.4 Lens for Sony Mirrorless

Zeiss has announced the new 25mm f/2.4 manual focus Loxia lens for Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras. It’s a compact lens that’s “particularly well-suited” for street and travel photographers who want high-quality images with an inconspicuous camera kit. The lens communicates electronically with Sony cameras to transmit lens and focusing data, which aids in focus peaking and zooming. You’ll need to rely on these features, as Loxia lenses do not offer autofocus capabilities. Other features include DeClick (using a tool, you can change the lens to have smooth aperture adjustments for video), “virtually distortion free” optics, a high-grade full-metal body,
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Panasonic GH5 focusing quicker with lens adapters

Before we all et too exited this fix only works with adapters and has no effect on Lumix lenses. I do not work with angles as I prefer shutter speeds. Here is the original video posted by YodaYeo the chap who discovered the solution my thanks to Timothy Bates for sending me this link. 


SIGMA timed the announcement of its new line of cinema lenses, the ‘SIGMA CINE LENS’, in conjunction with the broadcasting general trade show; ‘IBC’ ( International Broadcasting Convention) held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on the 7th September 2016. We had heard of stories for some time that SIGMA lenses had become a favorite among many […]

GH5 Faults “Playback button live during a recording”

Can you believe this major fault found only by accident by a colleague of mine during a live theatre show. He was filming the show as a 3rd camera and accidentally pressed the green playback button when the GH5 stopped recording and went into playback mode. This has be be one of the worst mistakes […]

NEW at BSC Expo the Arri Alexa LF €76,434 excl.vat

Meanwhile back to a new expensive camera from Arri the Alexa LF, not sure if it should have been LP (Large Pockets). At a whooping €76,434 excl. vat you need to be producing something special to afford this camera. Arri introduced the new system today at London’s BSC Expo, and claims the new system is […]

BlackMagic Designs new URSA Broadcast (4K & HD) £3306

Introducing URSA Broadcast, the world’s most affordable and most flexible professional broadcast camera. URSA Broadcast is two cameras in one, an incredible field camera for ENG and programming work, as well as a professional studio camera! URSA Broadcast is perfect for traditional broadcasters because it uses the lenses and batteries you already own, and it also eliminates weird […]

Volcano Eruption Makes for an Epic Wedding Photo

A photojournalist in the Philippines stumbled upon a newlywed couple while covering the Mayon volcano eruption last week. What resulted was an epic (and completely unplanned) wedding photo at the moment the volcano erupted. Bangkok-based photographer Jack Kurtz arrived in the Philippines on January 20th to cover the eruption for ZUMA Press. After five days of shooting intense subjects, including people in evacuation centers, he decided to take a “personal day” to run some errands and shoot some photos for himself. At about 4:30pm, he drove a few kilometers to a nearby church to shoot a sunset photo of the
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Vanity Fair Gives Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Extra ‘Leg’ and Hand

Vanity Fair just unveiled its latest Hollywood issue, which features a cover photo of 12 Hollywood stars captured by photographer Annie Leibovitz. But people are talking about the photos today for all the wrong reasons: the cover photo (shown above) appears to show Reese Witherspoon with a 3rd leg and another photo definitely shows Oprah with a 3rd hand. Here’s the crop of the group portrait above that was used on the cover:
Vanity Fair’s 2018 Hollywood issue cover. Photograph by Annie Leibovitz.
People on social media began pointing out that Witherspoon looks like she has three legs in
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ADVERT…Monday 29th January at Production Gear

Join us at Production Gear HQ in Barnet, North London as we welcome professionals from Zeiss who will be talking about and demonstrating their fabulous CP3 prime and LWZ Zoom lenses. Zeiss lens open day…Monday 29 January 2018 from 12:00 – 16:00 GMT at Production Gear Ltd, Unit 13, Wrotham Business Park, Potters Bar, EN5 4SZ

The findings of my Low Light experiment on the Panasonic GH5S

I came to this knowing the GH5S was better in low light but its the little extras that this camera brings to the table that set it apart from the GH5. The refresh rate of the Live Viewfinder (LVF) has been set at 120fps (Switchable to 60fps) twice that of the GH5, that would be […]

Nikon #1 in Full Frame Camera Sales During 2017 Holidays

Nikon’s monster D850 DSLR made a huge splash after it was announced in August 2017 and became the first DSLR to receive a score of 100 at DxOMark. Nikon soon apologized for the D850 getting sold out before it was even launched, and it seems the crazy demand held strong: Nikon actually became the #1 best selling brand for full frame cameras during the important 2017 holiday season in the United States. That placement is according to the market research company The NPD Group, which was the same firm that announced that Sony had become the #2 brand for full
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The Panasonic GH5S arrives in Glasgow

We have seen various snippets of low light capability with the Panasonic GH5S on the internet but none in my opinion done the good old fashioned way with a Colour Rendition Chart. The GH5S has two native ISO settings HIGH and LOW or 400 ISO and 2500 ISO I will be comparing these beside a […]

Back in time…IBC 2010

Was looking through some old footage and came across this our first trip IBC in 2010 which was the year of the Panasonic AF101 at a mere £4,000. Strangely enough I am informed that the Panasonic EVA-1 in now selling, not in the quantities of the AF101 but with a lot more competition in the […]

Bird Photobombs Weather Report Live Cam

Live cam feeds can lead to hilarious photobombs. Emmy award-winning meteorologist Mark Tamayo of Oakland, California’s KTVU news station was doing his weather report last week when a bird decided to enter the frame. Tamayo was surprised and amused by the sudden appearance of a giant bird head near him on the screen. “He’s totally checking out the camera, Mark” one of the anchors remarks. Tamayo later thanked the bird for entering the picture and adding a little character to the report.