Be Wary of the Wellcome Photography Prize

The Wellcome Trust is the world’s second largest charitable trust with an endowment of approximately £23.2 billion (~$30 billion). For the past 20 years, it has produced a photo contest called the Wellcome Image Awards, and this year, it rebranded the contest as the Wellcome Photography Prize. The Prize is free to enter, and images can be submitted into one of four categories. Each category winner receives £1,250 while the overall winner receives a prize of £15,000 (~USD$19,000). Furthermore, the winners and shortlisted entries will be displayed at the Lethaby Gallery of the University of the Arts London. My
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Critique the Community: Beauty


Submit your best beauty photo for your chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial

Your next chance for an image critique is here. Submit your best beauty photos to receive feedback and a chance to win an Fstoppers tutorial of your choice. [ Read More ]

Don’t Miss That Magic Shot With These Five Tips

Don't Miss That Magic Shot With These Five Tips Making a photograph can be a painstaking process involving location scouting, test shots, lighting setups, model releases and so much more, depending on your subject. However, some subjects — such as wildlife, children, sporting events, and such — require a photographer to be much more nimble. That's why I try to follow a few simple rules to be ready for when that unexpected magic moment arrives. [ Read More ]

The Case Against the Photo Watermark

Inevitably a time will come around when a budding photographer decides to start “taking this seriously,” “discouraging image theft,” and (my personal favorite), “gaining exposure.” And they do this, of course, with a watermark. Now mind you, before I get to the nitty-gritty of why this is BS, I’ll cover the surface level problem with this. First, 9/10 watermarks made by a beginner look horrendous. Too big, too small, too opaque, too transparent, or gaudy. Not to mention most beginners haven’t settled into a legitimate business name by the time they start watermarking images. So ten years later they
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What Will the Nikon Mirrorless Camera Mean?

What Will the Nikon Mirrorless Camera Mean? All I’ll say, is that I owned the original a7 and it kinda sucked. Is Nikon going to get it right the “first” time? Or will next week's supposed announcement of the Z-series cameras begin a long cycle of trying to one up themselves while trying to keep up with the major mirrorless players? [ Read More ]

Street Photography and Photographing Children

Imagine, you’re partaking in Pedestrian Sunday at Kensington Market on a sunny summer afternoon in Toronto, Canada, walking around with your Fuji X100F in hand looking for that Cartier-Bresson “decisive moment.” Suddenly you see a child leaning against a dilapidated, graffiti-splashed wall the likes of which would make Banksy nod in approval. The child has his mug buried into an ice cream cone, working it over like a worldwide ban on ice cream is but hours away. Maybe he has a red, child-sized “Make America Great Again” cap on, along with a pair of oversized “Blues Brothers” sunglasses and
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Why a Video Project Might Make You a Better Creative

Why a Video Project Might Make You a Better Creative Way back when the Canon T3i was the camera to have, I dabbled in video just enough to get frustrated and quit. Years later and after a lot of trial and error, I’ve made the switch almost entirely to creating short films and commercial work. Here are the big takeaways from my experience. [ Read More ]

What is Missing from Photography

It has been bugging me for a while now: there is just something that is missing from photography. From my personal work to the majority of photographers out there. I’m talking about the photos on your feeds, be it personal to commercial. It has been bugging me and I finally found out what it is: what is missing from photography is stories. A disclaimer, I’m not talking about photojournalism, or anything relating to the Pulitzer Prize. Those are photos with real stories that are important and need to be shared and told to the world. The photography I’m talking about
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Contest: Automotive Images

Automotive Images

Submit your best automotive photograph for your chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial.

We want to see your best automotive images for our next Critique the Community. Whether you have pictures of cars, trucks, or lawn mowers, as long as it has an engine and runs on the ground, it's eligible subject matter. [ Read More ]

The Most Important Photo

Sometimes we put things off so many times that the act of delaying that thing becomes automatic. “I’ll get to that thing tomorrow”, and tomorrow comes, tomorrow goes, and that thing never gets taken care of. I fell into that trap, and the thing that kept being put off was taking portraits of my parents. “I really need to make some portraits of my parents,” I would say, “because at some point I won’t be able to do it.” I’d say it over and over and put it off again and again. My wife would say, “You really should
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