Blackmagic Announces Fairlight Addition: NAB 2017

Blackmagic is stating since they included Fairlight in DaVinci Resolve 14 that audio is no longer an afterthought in post production.  Now, professional audio post production is fully integrated into DaVinci Resolve 14 giving sound editors, colorists, and video editors everything they need to seamlessly collaborate and create.

Powerful Mixing

Each track corresponds to a channel strip on the mixer. You get real time 6 band parametric EQ, along with expander/gate, compressor and limiter dynamics on every single track. In addition, clip time warping lets you stretch or compress audio without shifting pitch. It works at the subframe level for
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Keyboard Superpowers in Final Cut Pro X

This week on MacBreak Studio, I am joined by special guest Noah Kadner from, who shows us some great ways to add keyboard commands to speed up your color grading workflow. The first tip Noah shares was an eye-opener for me: he opens the Command Editor (Final Cut Pro > Commands > Customize) and then sorts the list of commands by the “modifier” column in order to push all commands that have no keyboard shortcuts assigned to the top of the list. Very smart, and a great way to see any new commands that may have been Continue reading "Keyboard Superpowers in Final Cut Pro X"

ART OF THE CUT on editing “Logan”

Logan has two credited editors and an additional editor. One of the editors, Michael McCusker, was already editing his next project when I did this interview, (plus I had recently interviewed him about Girl on the Train.) For this interview I spoke to Dirk Westervelt, who has extensive visual effects editing experience in addition to his picture editing background. He edited Men of Honor, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Notorious and Run All Night. Also included in this interview is Additional Editor, John Berri, who had previously worked as an associate editor on The Wolverine and was
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ART OF THE CUT – editing “Lost City of Z”

Editor John Axelrad, ACE, has been in post-production since 1991, including a stint as Oscar® winner Anne Coates’ assistant on Out of Sight and Erin Brockovich (I interviewed Coates previously here). He’s edited dozens of features including Slither, We Own the Night, Two Lovers, Crazy Heart, Something Borrowed, Miles Ahead, and Krampus.  Editor Lee Haugen started as an apprentice under Axelrad and then cut several films including Repentance, Dope, and Miss Stevens before joining Axelrad again to cut Amazon Studios’ new theatrical release, The Lost City of Z.
L-R; John Axelrad, ACE, 1st AE Scott Morris, and
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Five Killer DaVinci Resolve 14 Features

There are some killer new features in DaVinci Resolve 14. The buzz around Resolve at NAB was pretty evident. Yes, I was on the stage showing some of these features, and I could see when eyes were lighting up in recognition of something big while I was showing off these things:


Without the need for an expensive hardware solution, Resolve 14 allows a collaborative workflow between specialists, all using the same app and project and media. I’ve heard some Resolve owners complain that the app makes us “jack’s of all trades and masters of none” but I beg to
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Free DxO Optics Pro 9 Licenses Available — Get It Here

Free DxO Optics Pro 9 Licenses Available — Get It Here DxO and PracticalPhotography present you with a free to obtain OpticsPro 9 Elite License if you drop your email before June 30th. Ok, so it isn't the latest version of this powerful raw editor, but this version does come equipped with the PRIME noise reduction algorithm, so you can demo a full version free of charge before deciding to spend $199 for the latest incarnation. [ Read More ]

Blackmagic Shows Off Micro and Mini Control Panels: NAB 2017 Video

In March, Blackmagic Design announced two new portable hardware control panels for DaVinci Resolve. These new control panels are designed to allow color correction workflows to be mixed in with editing workflows while introducing new levels of quality in affordable hardware control panels.  From what I have heard from the early adopters are these panels definitley speed up their color correction time and make the whole process more enjoyable.

DaVinci Resolve Panels

The new DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel and the DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel are considered professional grade hardware that feature three exceptional quality high resolutions trackballs, precision machined control knobs,
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In-depth at NAB: Katsunori Yamanouchi Spearheads the Transformation of Sony into a Solution and Business Provider

Katsunori Yamanouchi, Deputy President of Sony Professional Solutions, Americas
After serving for four years as the president of Sony Europe, Katsunori Yamanouchi finds himself in a unique position as the newly installed deputy president of Sony Professional Solutions, Americas. Mr. Yamanouchi is tasked with changing the perception of what Sony is as a company as well as what kind of products and offerings they’re able to provide their customers. With almost 30 years at Sony, all of them on the professional side, it’s a task he is uniquely qualified to handle. We’ve previously explored the details around topics like the
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RED Epic Dragon: streaming from ISS to NAB

RED Epic Dragon aboard the ISS Hasselblad went to the Moon, but RED cameras have been orbiting Earth for over two years now. Today they will make History, in 4K, in a direct link from space to Las Vegas. The first-ever live 4K video stream from space happens today during the 2017 NAB Show. “Reaching for the Stars: Connecting to the Future with NASA and Hollywood” will take place at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, April 26 in room N249. It’s a unique moment that those not attending the NAB Show can still enjoy, as the live broadcast is streaming online. America’s space agency is a Continue reading "RED Epic Dragon: streaming from ISS to NAB"

Blackmagic Design Announces DaVinci Resolve 14

Blackmagic Design Announces DaVinci Resolve 14 DaVinci Resolve is well known for color editing in the video world. But Blackmagic's goal is to create a complete solution for NLE, color, and sound. While 12.5 was already very convincing, the newly announced DaVinci Resolve 14 is even more so. It is up to 10 times faster than the previous version and with new tools for audio, this new release could be what many have been waiting for. [ Read More ]

Mike Kelley’s ‘Where Art Meets Architecture 3’ Is Now Available

Mike Kelley's 'Where Art Meets Architecture 3' Is Now Available Mike Kelley and Fstoppers have teamed up once again to produce the third installment of Where Art Meets Architecture. Over the past few years, creating images for realtors, architects, interior designers, and property management companies has become a booming industry for professional photographers. In this tutorial, Mike focuses on how to photograph the hospitality market including how to shoot hotels, resorts, and rental properties. For the first time in his career, Mike also shares everything he knows about the business of commercial architectural photography including pricing your work, creating bids and contracts, marketing your business effectively, and building licensing fees Continue reading "Mike Kelley’s ‘Where Art Meets Architecture 3’ Is Now Available"

Mixers-28 Weeks of Post Audio-Week 24

Mixers or a mix console have a number of inputs and outputs and a number of different types of tracks used to route signals. Although a mix console that has 48 audio channels (or more) can look intimidating, in fact, it is just a redundant bunch of channel faders lined up in a row. If you know what one of them does, you know what most of them do. mixer Looking at the mix console above you’ll see that cascading down from the top are a number of different knobs, each affecting the signal in various ways. In this Allen &
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Avid enters the FREE NLE market

Avid enters the FREE NLE market With Media Composer | First, Avid expects to grab the attention of aspiring filmmakers, editors, or anyone who has a story to tell. It’s a free NLE that hopes to atract users to the complete line of Avid products. In a market where DaVinci Resolve seems to have taken the lead, a new free NLE is announced. It comes from a name many would not expect to see offering a free product, but the truth is that free or “fremium” products seems to be the way to market products these days. There is a growing collection of free or almost Continue reading "Avid enters the FREE NLE market"

Transcriptive – A transcription panel coming to Adobe Premiere Pro CC

I only spent a few minutes walking the NAB show floor today but a trip by the plugin pavilion and I saw an old manual typewriter in the Digital Anarchy booth. A closer look reveled an upcoming extension panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC called Transcriptive. This tool should go into beta soon and it looks to add a nice little addition to the PPro toolset. It was a few versions ago that Adobe removed the old built-in transcription tool that wasn’t very accurate. Transcriptive will use cloud services (the user will get to choose which service to use with their
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Blackmagic Announces A Huge Update To DaVinci Resolve 14

Today Blackmagic Design announced a whole helluva lot of improvements to DaVinci Resolve 14. They are calling it the biggest release in the history of the product, and an update that has been designed to be more than an incremental software update, but a complete revolution in post production. I can say after seeing the updates Blackmagic may not be dishing any hyperbole on DaVinci Resolve 14.  Check out their video highlighting what is new, or keep reading. Blackmagic is hoping the new DaVinci Resolve 14 will shake up the separation of toolsets in post production and offer a new
DaVinci Resolve 14
DaVinci Resolve 14
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MulticoreWare shows LipSync to autodetect a/v sync via deep learning + GPUs

MulticoreWare’s LipSync technology uses deep neural networks to autodetect audio/video sync errors by “watching” and “listening” to videos. According to MulticoreWare, NVIDIA GPU-accelerated models find and match instances of human faces and human speech in up to 2-3x realtime, enabling highly scalable quality control for file-based or streaming content. LipSync technology is being demonstrated at NAB2017 by MulticoreWare, developers of the x265 HEVC video encoder. Typical causes of audio-video misalignment include transmission and transcode errors, incorrect video cuts, or incorrect framerate conversions. With an ever-increasing amount of video content, sources, transmissions, and transcodes, sync errors can occur more frequently. MulticoreWare Continue reading "MulticoreWare shows LipSync to autodetect a/v sync via deep learning + GPUs"