Photoshop CC Easter Eggs: Monkey, Banana, Coffee, and Toast

Did you know that hidden within Photoshop CC are a number of “easter eggs” that customize the photo editing app in wacky ways? Three that you can activate in the latest version of Photoshop CC are “Layer Monkey,” the “Banana Toolbar,” and “Coffee & Toast.” Here’s a quick look at how you find each one (keep in mind that these are entirely for fun, i.e. completely useless):

Layer Monkey

While you have a document open, select Window->Layer Comps. Create a new Layer Comp. Rename that Layer Comp to “Layer Monkey 0”, and you’ll suddenly see a
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Facebook Messenger Now Lets You Share Photos in 4K High Resolution

Facebook has just introduced the ability to share high-resolution photos on its Messenger app. This makes for a much better, and less compressed, visual user experience for the countless people who send photos to one another every day through the popular app. “We’re making significant investments in how people communicate visually on Messenger,” says Facebook in a statement. Photos up to 4,096px x 4,096px in size can now be shared at their maximum resolution. According to Facebook, the new photo sizes will be shared “just as quickly as before.” These comparison images show the benefit of 4K photo-sharing on
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From Photographer to Videographer: Using Adobe’s Motion Graphics Templates

From Photographer to Videographer: Using Adobe's Motion Graphics Templates We’ve noticed the trend. Video is becoming the way most people communicate online these days. How can you as photographer use video as a tool to influence the personal brand you are constantly building, and how can you expand your product offering to clients? There are various types of videos you can focus on to produce, and the aim should be to make videos that you would like to make for a client. Therefore, it needs to be professional, and something clients might actually use as their marketing and advertising materials. [ Read More ]

Sony Launches Imaging Edge Software Suite: Remote, Viewer, and Edit

Sony has just announced its Imaging Edge software suite. The suite comes with three key pieces of software: ‘Remote’, ‘Viewer’, and ‘Edit’. Sony say it will speed up workflow and allow users to “unleash the full potential” of the Pixel Shift technology in the new a7R III. Viewer provides a cataloging system that allows you to search and filter images by ratings. Editor allows you to to process raw files by adjusting brightness and color, apply Creative Styles, crop, and straighten. You can also then export the edited raw to JPEG or TIFF formats. The Remote application allows for live
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Adobe’s New Lightroom Downloader Exports Your Cloud Photos

Lightroom CC, Adobe’s cloud-based photo-editing software, has until now lacked a way for you to quickly and easily export your photos from the cloud. That changes with the new Lightroom Downloader app. Storing your high-resolution JPEGs and RAW files on Adobe’s servers is convenient, but the lack of a way to download them all at once can present a problem if you ever wish to leave the Adobe ecosystem. Adobe’s Lightroom Downloader that addresses this concern by making it easier for you to pack up and leave. Your downloaded files will be structured in a date-based folder hierarchy with
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RAW Power: An iOS RAW Processor by the ex-Lead of Apple Aperture

Gentlemen Coders, creators of Apple-compatible software for photographers, has introduced its new RAW Power app for iPhones and iPads. The program allows for the editing of RAW files on Apple smartphones and tablets. RAW Power is a free app with a few optional premium features available — Depth Effect, Curves, and White Balance tools are enabled for a one-time cost of $10. “We constantly hear from photographers how much they want to edit the RAW images in their iOS or iCloud photo libraries using the kind of advanced tools they are accustomed to using on the desktop,” says Nik
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A Breakdown of VFX on ‘Mindhunter’ TV Series

A Breakdown of VFX on 'Mindhunter' TV Series "Mindhunter" is one of the recent Netflix releases that has me hooked. It has psychology, mystery, analysis, and how the FBI and police went about training for the serial killers who didn't have a motive. It's based on true events, and because the series is set in in 1977, which has different cars and fewer people and buildings than we have now. In this video, you'll be able to see how these shots were altered in postproduction to give the story the 1977 setting. Buildings and trees are added, marks on roads replaced and colors changed to give the series Continue reading "A Breakdown of VFX on ‘Mindhunter’ TV Series"

Three Tips to Speed Up Adobe Lightroom

Three Tips to Speed Up Adobe Lightroom I have heard several photographers complain about how slow Adobe Lightroom is. While I agree that Adobe needs to make some improvements to their photo processor and image organizer, there are a few things we can do on our machines to help Lightroom run a little more smoothly. [ Read More ]

Instagram May Soon Let You Follow Hashtags

Instagram may soon become a lot more interesting for photographers in search of inspiration. The photo sharing service is apparently testing allowing users to follow hashtags in addition to other users. The Next Web reports that the hashtag follow functionality was first spotted by @Social_pip, who shared a screenshot of the discovery:
So instead of having your stream filled with photos from specific photographers, you’d be able
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The Difference Between Levels and Curves in Photoshop

Here’s a 6-minute video from PiXimperfect that looks at the difference between the Levels and Curves functions in Photoshop. While the two may seem similar in purpose, there are some very clear differences between them. An analogy instructor Unmesh Dinda gives is a comparison between a standard calculator and a scientific calculator. Levels is your “normal” calculator, performing basic functions like adding, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Curves is like a scientific calculator. While it’s more complicated to use, it can perform more advanced functions and calculations. You can achieve everything Levels can do by using Curves, but you can also
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Watch a Full Editing Project From Start to Finish With Commentary

Watch a Full Editing Project From Start to Finish With Commentary Whether you are a full-time video editor or just occasionally edit some of your own projects like me, you have probably found yourself on Youtube at some point trying to learn. Tutorials are an amazing tool at our disposal and we share and create some great tutorials here on Fstoppers all the time. However, sometimes I just want to see how someone does what they do from start to finish. That's where Taran Van Hemert comes in with his newest editing video. It's not a tutorial at all. It is 4 hours and 20 minutes of a standard video editing Continue reading "Watch a Full Editing Project From Start to Finish With Commentary"

VSCO’s Recipes Let You Share Photo Editing Formulas with Others

VSCO has just introduced Recipes to its popular mobile photo editing app, enabling users to create and share presets that allow for quick applications of certain looks and styles to photos. The company said it found that many users were trying to use Pinterest to share sets of different settings and filters that could achieve a certain look. Coming up with its own integrated solution to satisfy this need, VSCO has developed what it calls Recipes. Recipes allow users to save a “unique editing formula,” which could be a combination of filters and/or presets, alongside adjustments to other settings. By
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Focos Brings Custom Bokeh and Focus-After-You-Shoot to Dual Cam iPhones

Want to take your iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus beyond Portrait mode? Focos is an app that takes bokeh to the next level while also giving you the ability to choose your focus point after your shoot your photos. Focos was created by Xiaodong Wang, the developer behind two top apps in the iTunes App Store in 2015 and 2016, Colorburn and MaxCurve. “As a beginner having no prior photo shooting experience, you can take professional-grade pictures with this app at a go without expert skills,” Wang writes. “As a professional, you’ll be amazed at professional options available in
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14 Helpful Lightroom Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Photo Editing

Adobe Lightroom is an app that’s filled with all kinds of helpful features that can make life easier for you once you learn they exist. Here’s a 10-minute video by photographer Evan 5ps with 14 different tips and tricks that he uses on a daily basis. Here’s a quick rundown of the different tricks covered (watch the video to see how they’re used and what they can do):
  1. Jump from Library to Develop by hitting the ‘D’ key
  2. Change your background color by right clicking on it
  3. Easily straighten your horizon by hitting Cmd/Ctrl key to open the Straighten tool
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This Free Web App Suggests Instagram Hashtags for Photos Using AI

Want a faster way to add relevant hashtags to your Instagram photos? Photerloo wants to help. The photo management service has launched a new free web tool that uses machine learning to automatically keywords for any photo. The site is designed for both desktop and mobile users and is minimalist in how it works. Simply upload a photo and the system will analyze it and generate a list of keywords and hashtags for you. You can click any of the suggested keywords to remove that one and have it be replaced with a new one. Sliders on the page allow
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Pika is Smartphone Bot That Helps Kids Explore the World with a Camera

Pika is a new bot friend that “explores the world” with children through the use of a smartphone camera. The concept combines the camera with computer vision and augmented reality. Pika “learns” through a series of games that allow children to teach it various skills. For example, Pika might ask a child to teach it about primary colors. So, the user would then go and capture images of the target colors with the camera.
“The Pika colors game sends children on a color spotting adventure, allowing the whole world to be an open playground to be explored via the camera,”
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Panasonic GH5 Firmware Update: Video Galore

Panasonic GH5 Firmware Update: Video Galore When the Panasonic GH5 came out, it was intended to be targeted towards video people. This camera tops out the GH4 by far with its in-body stabilization and variety of frame rates and recording options. However, when the GH5 first came out, it seemed that it still needed a bit of work. Now with the V2.0 firmware upgrade, these problems seem to be solved and this camera has been beefed up pretty good when it comes to video. [ Read More ]

Macphun Unveils Luminar 2018 to Take on Adobe Lightroom

California-based software developer Macphun (soon to be Skylum) has announced Luminar 2018, a digital photo editor and organizer that’s aiming to be a direct competitor to Adobe Lightroom. Unlike past versions of Macphun software, Luminar 2018 is available for both Mac and Windows users. Not only that, but the new software boasts “major speed boosts” compared to its predecessor. “We’ve taken the time to listen to photographers, and what they want is performance and quality. The less time photographers have to spend in front of computers, the more time they have for taking pictures,” said Alex Tsepko,
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Photo Enhancement is Starting to Get Crazy

As the worlds of artificial intelligence and digital photography collide, we’re starting to see some mind-blowing technology emerge. The latest research in turning low-resolution photos into high-definition photos may drop your jaws — it’s starting to cross into the realm of sci-fi. What you see above isn’t a mockup of what these enhancement technologies may one day do: it’s an actual example of an AI-powered enhancement done by a new algorithm called EnhanceNet-PAT developed by scientists over at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen. The example started with this original photo of a bird: The scientists took
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