How To Fix A Glitchy Liquify Brush in Photoshop On Windows

When I first started on my journey of learning my way around Photoshop I was a full-on Apple product fanboy, it just seemed like every creative was using an Apple machine and that I should do the same. Once I went full-time, I realized that I could build myself a PC that would be much more powerful for the price. After my build was complete, the first thing I did was install the Wacom drivers and Photoshop, only to find that some things didn’t work quite as I had expected them to. There were major brush lag issues and the
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5 Tips for Pro Bottle Photos in Just 5 Minutes

If you ever need to shoot a product photo of a beverage bottle, the concept might not seem too complicated, but seasoned product photographers actually have a number of tricks they use to take their images to the next level. Here’s a helpful video in which photographer Max Bridge of Square Mountain shares 5 pro tips in 5 minutes. Here’s a brief overview of the 5 tips: Tip #1. Prepare Your Bottle. There are downsides to shooting a standard bottle, so there are things you can do, such as removing the rear label and coating the glass, that both make
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Photog POV: Shooting a Wedding Day from Start to Finish

Wedding photographer Taylor Jackson made this inspiring 23-minute video showing how he shot a wedding day from start to finish, as seen from his point of view. Starting from the bridal party’s preparations to shooting portraits of the newly-married couple after the reception, Jackson shares behind-the-scenes footage, his resulting photos, and his commentary throughout. You can find more of Jackson’s work and teaching through his YouTube, course website, and Instagram. (via Taylor Jackson via Fstoppers)

5 Easy Fixes for Common Posing Mistakes

Small details can make or break the effectiveness of a pose when photographing couples. Here’s a 6-minute video in which wedding photographers Sara Byrne and Phil Chester share 5 simple spot corrections that take poses from plain to pro. Here’s a quick rundown of the 5 tips (watch the video for the explanation of each one): #1. Ol’ Stiff Legs. A tip that solves the problem of locked knees and standing too stiff. #2. Sitting 101. A tip that solves the problem of people (mostly guys) not knowing how to sit on the ground. #3. Missed Connections. A tip that
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How to Edit Photos like Steve McCurry: The Art of Removing Distractions

We’ve got a fun article today in which we post-process photojournalistic-style photos and polish them in an artistic way. Much like Steve McCurry did to his photos, but without the heaping pile of backlash. If we’re not using our street or travel photos for photojournalism or to represent things exactly how they are, we are free to retouch them as we would a fine art photo. By the end of the article, you’ll know exactly what to adjust to have your own Steve McCurry-inspired photo. Let’s get into it!

Ethics in Photography Genres

Photojournalism is held in high regards
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How to Pose Your Friends Like Models

If you’ve ever asked your friends to pose for a photo shoot before, you may have found that it can be difficult achieving high-quality poses when your subject doesn’t have modeling experience. In this 5-minute video, photographer Sheldon Evans shares solid tips for how to overcome this hurdle. “One of the things I struggled with most when I started photography was figuring out how to pose the people in front of my lens, because when you first start out it’s difficult to find professional models to work with who know how to strike a new pose with every click of
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11 Tips for Photographing Your Dog or Cat Like a Pro

In order to make your snapshots stand out above the rest by making them look professional, incorporating several creative elements can do just that. I am often asked by pet owners how to get the best shots of their furry companions with a basic camera. If you are a doting pet owner, more than likely it is important to you to have meaningful images to share with your loved ones online, to have perfectly framed images within your home or at your workplace, and to even share with others on holiday cards and a variety of items to display your
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10 Tips to Up Your Street Photography Game

Kai Wong recently got together with street photographers Joshua K Jackson and Craig Whitehead (a.k.a. SixStreetUnder) to make this helpful 10.5-minute tips video containing 10 nuggets of wisdom for upping your street photography game. Here’s a quick rundown of the 10 tips covered (along with the timestamps at which they’re found): 00:49: Overcome the Fear
03:40: Upgrade Skills Not Gear
03:53: Have Your Camera Ready
04:20: Remove Technical Distractions
05:28: Tell a Story
06:00: Everyone Shoots S**t Shots
07:07: Create Your Own Luck
08:32: Forget Technical Perfection
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What One Photographer Learned from Failing a Photo Shoot

Late last year, photographer Irene Rudnyk reached out to a model and makeup artist for a photo concept she had in mind that featured a woman illuminated by a lantern at blue hour. Rudnyk shares in the 7-minute video above how, after putting in considerable time and effort into putting the shoot together, she failed at the actual shoot. Rudnyk says that there were a number of unforeseen issues and challenges that could have been prevented by being better prepared. First, she didn’t like how the location looked during the time of the shoot — Rudnyk recommends scouting not just
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How to Use Your Camera In the Coldest Places on Earth

When you take your camera to some of the coldest places on Earth, you’ll face a unique set of challenges that most photographers never have to worry about. Here’s an interesting 9-minute video in which filmmaker and photographer Anthony Powell shares some of his top tips for shooting in the extreme cold. Powell has been working in Antarctica for many years and is the creator of the award-winning movie Antarctica: A Year On Ice. His footage has also appeared in many movies and TV shows, including the BBC’s Frozen Planet. And Powell knows a thing or two about cold temperatures,
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How to Take Underwater Photos

In addition to being wedding photographers, my wife Anna and I are also keen divers (at least as long as the water is warm and clear!), so quite naturally, we’ve been eager to experiment with underwater photos for quite some time. As well as photographing marine life, we were particularly interested in capturing people underwater and doing under/over shots, where part of the frame is above water while the rest is an underwater scene. We read through countless websites, forum posts, and books, but regardless of how keen we were, we couldn’t quite commit to the cost of
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The 10 Commandments of Portrait Photography

Art has no rules. Right? Wrong! Call me cranky, but I don’t like the latest photography trends. I love simple, classic portraiture, and I admire legendary photographers like Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, and Albert Watson. That’s why I put together my 10 Commandments of Portrait Photography. ​I used the word ‘Commandment’ for a reason. Some people will believe, and some don’t. And that’s okay. ​This is just the truth as I see it.

Commandment #1: A Portrait Is About the Subject, Not the Photographer

We create portraits because we want to say something about a person and because we want
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5 Hidden Gems in Photoshop That You Can Use All the Time

Here’s a helpful 9.5-minute video by CreativeLive in which photographer Blake Rudis shares 5 “hidden” gems in Adobe Photoshop you can add to your mental toolkit to improve your workflow. Here’s a quick rundown of the 5 gems covered: #1. Snapshots and Adobe Camera Raw (0:18): You can save snapshots of your RAW photo edits in Camera Raw to revisit at any time, even after closing the photo and reopening it. #2. Gradient Map Adjustment Layers (1:35): Using a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer with a Gradient Map adjustment layer is a powerful way to convert color photos to
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Ego is the Enemy: Detach Your Ego From Social Media

Growth. Real, personal, soul-fulfilling, butterflies in the belly-inducing growth. That’s the key to my happiness; my personal metric for success. It doesn’t matter what I achieve or how much of it I attained. I define myself as successful simply in the process of progress.
Abhor flatterers as you would deceivers; for both, if trusted, injure those who trust them –Isocrates
Lately, I haven’t been doing much growing. Neither in my personal career nor in my photography career. It’s made me step back and really take stock over what defines my growth and what inhibits it – the people, scenarios,
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9 Composition Tips for Shooting Good Landscape Photos

Photographer Toma Bonciu (AKA Photo Tom) made this 10-minute video with 9 composition tips and rules you can use to shoot more effective landscape photos. The guidelines are mainly ways to direct viewers’ eyes to points and areas of interest in the frame and are things you can keep in mind when framing shots in the great outdoors. Here are the 9 basic rules discussed by Bonciu in the video (watch the video above for an explanation of each one):

#1. Fill the Frame

#2. Centered

#3. Color Spot

#4. Negative Space

#5. Leading Lines

#6. Left to Right

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Quick Tip: How to ‘Auto’ a Single Slider in Lightroom

Lightroom Classic has long had an “Auto” feature in the Develop module that will automatically set basic sliders for you based on the image at hand. But did you know that you can now “Auto” set individual sliders? This simple but useful trick is discussed and demonstrated in the 44-second “Lightroom Coffee Break” tutorial above by Adobe. Benjamin Warde shares how the basic Auto system has been revamped in Lightroom Classic version 7.1 to more intelligently auto adjust your photo to give you a solid starting point for your edits. But in addition to automatically setting the values for
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Studio Portraits in Small Spaces: How I Make It Work

I’d love to have access to a massive studio space with all of the latest amenities. Who wouldn’t? But in many cases, a living room is all you need to get the dynamic shot you’re looking for. Nearly all of my favorite studio shots were done with my Oliphant backdrops in a 10×15-foot room. You might be wondering, “What if my walls are red? What if I have low ceilings? What if my carpet is burgundy?” Don’t stress — there are simple ways around all of these problems, and I’m here to walk you through them.

Challenge: Low Ceilings

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10 Hidden Lightroom Features That Can Change Your Editing Life

Sometimes we can use software for years without taking the time to dive deeper and unlock its full potential. Here’s a great 12-minute tutorial by photographer Jamie Windsor with 10 hidden Lightroom features that can help your editing and speed up your workflow. Even if you feel like a seasoned Lightroom user, there may be some tips and tricks among these 10 that can help improve your photo editing life. Here’s a quick rundown of the 10 things covered by Windsor: 1. Send clients an online preview (00:11)
2. Better tones with camera calibration (02:23)
3. Change preset strength/opacity (03:17)
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