A $5 Shower Curtain Does Wonders for Diffusing Light

Here’s a 6-minute educational video by Shutterstock in which filmmaker Todd Blankenship discusses the basics of diffusing light and introduces three cheap options for doing so… including a $5 shower curtain. “A common misconception about diffusion is that all you need to do is slap [diffusion] onto the front of your light source,” Blankenship says. But if you do this, the results may not show much of a difference — the light may still be nearly just as harsh without improved quality. But the trick is to make your light source as big as possible in relation to your subject
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How To Fix A Glitchy Liquify Brush in Photoshop On Windows

When I first started on my journey of learning my way around Photoshop I was a full-on Apple product fanboy, it just seemed like every creative was using an Apple machine and that I should do the same. Once I went full-time, I realized that I could build myself a PC that would be much more powerful for the price. After my build was complete, the first thing I did was install the Wacom drivers and Photoshop, only to find that some things didn’t work quite as I had expected them to. There were major brush lag issues and the
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How to Light Paint a Product Photo Background Using a Smartphone

Here’s a fantastic 16-minute tutorial by photographer Dustin Dolby of workphlo (he’s like the Bob Ross of product photography) on adding a creative background to a product photo by light painting with a smartphone. After walking through his lighting setup and individual shots (to composite later) in the first 6 minutes, Dolby jumps into how he revisits the set in complete darkness and shoots long exposure light paintings with colored backgrounds displayed on his phone screen. Once everything is post-processed and then combined in Photoshop, the results look like they’re ready for use in a magazine advertisement. You can find
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5 Tips for Pro Bottle Photos in Just 5 Minutes

If you ever need to shoot a product photo of a beverage bottle, the concept might not seem too complicated, but seasoned product photographers actually have a number of tricks they use to take their images to the next level. Here’s a helpful video in which photographer Max Bridge of Square Mountain shares 5 pro tips in 5 minutes. Here’s a brief overview of the 5 tips: Tip #1. Prepare Your Bottle. There are downsides to shooting a standard bottle, so there are things you can do, such as removing the rear label and coating the glass, that both make
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How to Shoot a NASA Rocket Launch with a Remote Camera

When NASA launched its Insight rocket in the pre-dawn hours of May 5th, 2018, photographer Norman Chan of Tested was on hand with a remote camera setup to shoot his first launch. The 15-minute video above is his record of everything that goes into capturing a NASA rocket launch. Several hours before the launch, Chan visits the site, Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, to set up his remote camera equipment. Unsure of what exactly he’ll need prior to getting on site, Chan brings an arsenal of different cameras and lenses to make sure he’s ready with the right combo.
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5 Easy Fixes for Common Posing Mistakes

Small details can make or break the effectiveness of a pose when photographing couples. Here’s a 6-minute video in which wedding photographers Sara Byrne and Phil Chester share 5 simple spot corrections that take poses from plain to pro. Here’s a quick rundown of the 5 tips (watch the video for the explanation of each one): #1. Ol’ Stiff Legs. A tip that solves the problem of locked knees and standing too stiff. #2. Sitting 101. A tip that solves the problem of people (mostly guys) not knowing how to sit on the ground. #3. Missed Connections. A tip that
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How to Edit Photos like Steve McCurry: The Art of Removing Distractions

We’ve got a fun article today in which we post-process photojournalistic-style photos and polish them in an artistic way. Much like Steve McCurry did to his photos, but without the heaping pile of backlash. If we’re not using our street or travel photos for photojournalism or to represent things exactly how they are, we are free to retouch them as we would a fine art photo. By the end of the article, you’ll know exactly what to adjust to have your own Steve McCurry-inspired photo. Let’s get into it!

Ethics in Photography Genres

Photojournalism is held in high regards
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11 Tips for Photographing Your Dog or Cat Like a Pro

In order to make your snapshots stand out above the rest by making them look professional, incorporating several creative elements can do just that. I am often asked by pet owners how to get the best shots of their furry companions with a basic camera. If you are a doting pet owner, more than likely it is important to you to have meaningful images to share with your loved ones online, to have perfectly framed images within your home or at your workplace, and to even share with others on holiday cards and a variety of items to display your
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How to Take Underwater Photos

In addition to being wedding photographers, my wife Anna and I are also keen divers (at least as long as the water is warm and clear!), so quite naturally, we’ve been eager to experiment with underwater photos for quite some time. As well as photographing marine life, we were particularly interested in capturing people underwater and doing under/over shots, where part of the frame is above water while the rest is an underwater scene. We read through countless websites, forum posts, and books, but regardless of how keen we were, we couldn’t quite commit to the cost of
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5 Hidden Gems in Photoshop That You Can Use All the Time

Here’s a helpful 9.5-minute video by CreativeLive in which photographer Blake Rudis shares 5 “hidden” gems in Adobe Photoshop you can add to your mental toolkit to improve your workflow. Here’s a quick rundown of the 5 gems covered: #1. Snapshots and Adobe Camera Raw (0:18): You can save snapshots of your RAW photo edits in Camera Raw to revisit at any time, even after closing the photo and reopening it. #2. Gradient Map Adjustment Layers (1:35): Using a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer with a Gradient Map adjustment layer is a powerful way to convert color photos to
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9 Composition Tips for Shooting Good Landscape Photos

Photographer Toma Bonciu (AKA Photo Tom) made this 10-minute video with 9 composition tips and rules you can use to shoot more effective landscape photos. The guidelines are mainly ways to direct viewers’ eyes to points and areas of interest in the frame and are things you can keep in mind when framing shots in the great outdoors. Here are the 9 basic rules discussed by Bonciu in the video (watch the video above for an explanation of each one):

#1. Fill the Frame

#2. Centered

#3. Color Spot

#4. Negative Space

#5. Leading Lines

#6. Left to Right

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How to Make Your Own Profiles for Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom

Earlier this month, Adobe released an update that massively revamped its Camera Profiles, renaming the feature Profiles. In addition to 6 new Adobe Raw profiles, there are also creative profiles. And instead of downloading and/or buying third-party creative profiles, you can make your own. Adobe Principal Product Manager Josh Haftel recorded this 23-minute video showing how you can use built-in functionality in Adobe Camera Raw to build profiles for use in ACR and Lightroom (both CC and Classic CC):
“Keep in mind that creating a profile is rather complex, includes many steps, and should be considered rather advanced:
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