A Brief Review of the Venus KX800 Macro Twin Flash

Back in April, the Chinese camera gear maker Venus announced its new KX800 macro twin flash, which looks like an external flash unit with three tentacles bursting forth from the top. Photographer Thomas Shahan, the “Bob Ross of bug shots,” got his hand on an early unit and just released this 6-minute hands-on review. venusflash Shahan found that the flash is a powerful and flexible option for lighting, but you’ll probably need to come up with a good solution for diffusing your shots if you want to end up with a pleasing result that’s free from harsh shadows. Shahan’s personal solution was to place a piece of tracing paper between the flash heads and his subjects. diffuser Here are some macro shots he was able to capture while using the Venus KX800 for illumination: 19254433885_6bef3fe5c9_z 17948859249_faf0f4f65f_z 19870445882_6f451ebb3f_z 19877895215_ff128a061d_z 19269922140_fb19462e12_z “I really like this twin flash system,” Shahan concludes. “The flash recycle time is
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DSLR Use in Pro Video to Plummet in Coming Years, Report Predicts

4903248142_52b127e0bb_z Since the introduction of 1080p video recording in the Canon 5D Mark II in 2008, there has been a strong adoption of DSLRs for pro and amateur video production purposes, and video features have become standard in DSLRs in recent years. But the growth in DSLR usage for pro video applications may be rather short-lived: a recent report predicts that it will actually plummet over the next few years. After researching trends in camera sales, Futuresource Consulting found that European shipments of DSLRs for pro video purposes dropped by a whopping 41% in 2014. Futuresource predicts that DSLRs will occupy a smaller and smaller share of the pro video market until they account for only 4% of sales in 2019. At its peak, DSLRs owned a 31% share. dslrvideochart “The industry is currently at a turning point,” the firm writes. Apparently DSLRs are falling out of favor with professional video products,
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Create a DIY Battery Charging Board to Help Organize Your ‘Battery Insanity’

If you have multiple cameras and powered accessories at your disposal, you know that battery charging can quickly become an unorganized nightmare. Prepared to solve one of humanity’s greatest first world problems, the team at Vimeo Video School set out to create a neatly arranged battery charging board. If you choose to follow along and build your own, all you’ll need for this DIY project are a few simple supplies from your local hardware store. 141_400 The video crew begins by purchasing a fiberboard and then attaching their various chargers, along with a few power strips and cable management tools, to create the almighty ‘BattBoard’. The result of the team’s hard work is a portable battery charging station for just over $110. batteryboardscreen The board even has a hole on one side that lets you move it around and hang it on a wall. Watch the video above if you’d like to
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24 Hours of Le Mans in Stop-Motion, Made with 1,158 Photos

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is one of the racing world’s oldest, most famous, and most grueling races. Racing photographer Camden Thrasher covered the 2015 race last month and shot over 1,000 photos over the course of the day. Afterward, he took 1,158 of the photos he shot and turned them into this stop-motion video for Audi. Audi calls the work “a fascinating homage to motorsport in general and Le Mans in particular.” Last year, Thrasher made a stop-motion video of Le Mans in black-and-white for DRIVE: You can find more of Thrasher’s photography over on his website, where he writes that he attended his first Le Mans in 2000 and then picked up photography the following year. (via Audi Deutschland via Reddit)

Tips for Shooting Food Photos with Simple Tools and Natural Light

With a little ingenuity, you can use everyday objects to craft a beautiful photoshoot of professional proportions. In her latest video on Vimeo, photographer Jenny Woodward showcases how to use natural light and household objects to photograph different bits of food, from cookies to a salad. Most captivating is how she utilizes each household object to manipulate the light around her subject. window Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 10.23.47 AM copy Woodward begins by placing a small table in front of a window so that she can take advantage of the natural lighting. From there, she uses household objects including wood boards, baking pans, curtains, tin foil, and more to set up the perfect shot. Her choice of camera gear is as simple as her lighting tools: she uses an iPhone to capture all of her shots. (H/T The Phoblographer)

GNARBOX Wants to Help You Ditch Your Laptop in the Field

I’m outdoors a lot and I post images and video of my adventures to social media all the time. But one of the biggest problems I have is if it’s anything more than a snapshot on my iPhone, or a video on my GoPro I can pull over to my phone via WiFi, I have to wait till I get home to edit on my laptop, slowing down the time it takes from getting the shot to sharing it with my followers. [ Read More ]

‘Reverie of Vietnam’ Is a Short Video Adventure for the Soul

For over two weeks in late March and early April, digital director and photographer Oliver Astrologo traveled through Vietnam exploring its best treasures. His 1,650 kilometer north-to-south journey takes the form of “Reverie of Vietnam,” a beautiful short video that places you inside the country face-to-face with the residents and the historic and natural wonders that surround you. Read on to learn more about the production as well as see many great images captured during the expedition. [ Read More ]

RED Cameras Get New Still Photography Features via Firmware V6.0

redstills More and more still photography cameras are getting advanced video features, so it only makes sense that cinema cameras are moving more into the world of still photos as well. Last week, RED launched a new version 6.0 firmware for its cameras, which brings a number of powerful new features for shooting photographs alongside video. The RED EPIC and RED DRAGON now have a new Multi-Shot feature for continuously shooting frames while holding down the record button, a Motion + Stills feature that marks frames for you to extract in post, and a new stills-mode state that’s enabled with the Stills/Motion slider on the camera. slider stillframing “These modes create an even more intuitive experience when using RED’s stills from motion workflow,” RED says. You can find a complete list of features and fixes found in the new firmware in this REDUSER forum post. Here’s a 4.5-minute video introducing some
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WIRED’s Review of the New GoPro HERO4 Session Reveals Some Minor Problems, and a Dip in Quality

Just last week, GoPro announced a new a camera in their ever-expanding lineup of action-POV cameras. The new camera is called the HERO4 Session , and as Doug Sonders posted last week, it's smaller and lighter than the previous series of HERO cameras. In this video review, WIRED's Brent Rose takes the Session out on several different adventures, comparing it to the HERO4 Silver along the way. [ Read More ]

The Lumenati CS1 ‘Smartcase’ Turns Your iPhone Into a Classic Cinema Camera

11709845_1613610252243771_4997462394272102928_n The Lumenati CS1 is a cinematic smartphone case aimed at bringing a more enjoyable experience to shooting video. Designed by Lumenati, a collection of filmmakers, animators, and designers in Denver, Colorado, the CS1 looks to “combine the technological features of a digital device with the cool design, ergonomic ease and natural narrative that the lo-fi classic camera is known for.” Basically, it transforms your iPhone 6 into an old-school cinema camera. 1511667_1613152952289501_6548866262350521946_n d6e119a55b311ec51b1670d2500e8a18_original As of now, the case is only compatible with Apple’s iPhone 6 though Lumenati says that they hope to bring the “smartcase” to more people through successful fundraising. Simply pop your iPhone into the case with the Lumenati app loaded and you can begin shooting. When you are ready to start recording your video, simply squeeze and hold the bright red trigger, and then release it when you are finished. 10982311_1613452545592875_4673990488299153547_n 11713938_1612004025737727_3552217077449294007_o The CS1 is not just an ergonomic case. The
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Come Work with Me! I’m Hiring a Digital / Content Guru

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 10.07.13 AM Jul 8, 2015Ok friends. This post has been a long time coming…you’ll see why a in a bit… but for now, here’s what you need to know. In short, I’m looking for a high quality, high hustle digital/content guru to be my right hand man / woman supporting my content efforts. It’s true – I’m deep into lining up a new, fresh chapter of content aiming to add value to this community – those already with us and those yet to join our army. There are simply not enough hours in the day for me to create as much content as I’d like to be creating with one slice of a few people’s time (the way I have it set up now…). Between being CEO of CreativeLive and living the life of a working creative, I need someone to focus hardcore on helping me make behind- and in-front-of-the-scenes content that adds value
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Casey Neistat Axes Canon 70D… Literally

If you haven't been keeping up with Casey Neistat's daily vlogs, then you absolutely need to start. They're a great source of creative inspiration, lots of running cut-scenes, and the occasional viral video. In this particular vlog, Neistat tells a story on the importance of not quitting and, while filming, experiences an error with his Canon 70D. You may not believe how he solves it. [ Read More ]