How to Create a Cinematic Lightroom Preset for Landscape Photos

Lately, I’ve seen lots of cinematic looks on Instagram. There are mostly cold tones with a rare spark of a warm look. And so I have decided to have a look, do some magic, and produce a free Lightroom landscape preset for you. I know, there are lots of Lightroom presets for travel photography, but in reality, I couldn’t find anything usable that also came with an explanation. So, read on to learn how to create cinematic photography yourself. Honestly speaking, color management has always been a hard topic for me. I do not have an inner feeling of color
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Shooting a Classic $750K Boat with a RED Camera and 1000mm Canon Lens

It started with a classic Woody. Lake Tahoe has a world-renowned “woody” boat culture that promotes gleaming timber-hulled works of nautical art to skim across its deep blue water. One of the latest additions to the North Lake Tahoe waters is Tom Turner’s recently restored Riva Super Aquarama #64, valued at an astounding $750,000. After boat owner Tom Turner approached Ascending Works and Fractal Film Co. to produce a creative short highlighting the boat, it was quickly decided that getting a Canon 50-1000mm lens onto a chase boat would be vital to capturing the essence of this boat and its
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How Camera Film Gets Processed in a Lab

I was recently fortunate enough to get an inside and ‘behind-the-scenes’ look into how film processing works at Richard Photo Lab in Valencia, CA. As the step by step process is very complex, if you’ve ever wondered what the stages of film developing are and look like, come and take this video tour with us!

Richard Photo Lab

Scanning and printing for the past fifty years, Richard Photo Lab is quite the destination for premium processing and printing- whether it’s for amateur photography or for well-established photographers throughout the world. As first mentioned by our photo lab guide, Albany Katz,
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I Gave Up on Squarespace and Built My Own Photo Website from Scratch

For the past several years my photography website called Squarespace home. Among online, fully-contained, content management systems, it is hard to go wrong with Squarespace. Offering domain registration and hosting, plus well-crafted templates, Squarespace makes it easy to create a professional looking website. Squarespace has many benefits. Their choices of templates are great, they are visually appealing and generally function for the purposes for which they were built. Want to add e-commerce to your website? Simple. Want to start blogging? Add a blogging page and the rest is done for you. Need technical support? A chatroom or phone call away.
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A Photojournalist’s Point of View of a Portland Protest Police Crackdown

Last Saturday, a right-wing rally in Portland, Oregon, drew out left-wing counterprotesters as well as riot police. Photojournalist Doug Brown was in the thick of it all with a GoPro camera mounted to the top of his DSLR. The 12-minute video above documents his experience that day (warning: there’s strong language). The Guardian reports that two hours into the raucous rally, police charged at the left-wing protesters with their batons drawn and used stun grenades and pepper spray rounds in an attempt to disperse the crowds. “I got roughed up throughout, and particularly at the 9:47 mark,” Brown tells PetaPixel.
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Photographing Flying Squirrels with High Speed Flash

Flying squirrels are fairly common, although seldom seen members of the rodent family. The southern flying squirrel is found throughout the eastern half of the United States. The northern version is only found in the northernmost tier of states and in Canada. One of the biggest challenges of this project was attracting and training the squirrels to do what I needed them to do so I could photograph them. I started off by simply mounting a tray to the side of a large oak tree. Each night at sunset, I would place a handful of nuts on the tray. It
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How I Shot a Nova Terra Cosplay Photo in the Desert

As a photographer, I’ve never really planned my shoots too much. I kind of look at what I’ll be shooting and think of cool-looking images. Then I try my best to match what I’m seeing in my head through photography and sometimes post-production. This shoot happened in California in 2015 shortly after Blizzcon. My good friend Lyz Brickley finished an incredible Nova Terra costume from Starcraft (the outfit is based on her Heroes of the Storm look). She had the gun professionally made by her friend Jordan over at Henchmen Props. I couldn’t wait to shoot it. Lyz has a
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Learn Photoshop by Recreating Movie Posters

Photographer and retoucher Antti Karppinen has started a new series of video tutorials that aims to teach Photoshop techniques by recreating the looks seen in movie posters. “I have always loved movie posters and teaching photography and retouching,” Karppinen writes. “I’m using stock images to create my replications and try to find matching images in my final images. I definitely need to make compromises but I think I get pretty close to the originals. “My goal is not to guide people to replicate images, but to teach various Photoshop techniques as I explore ways of re-creating those images.” Here
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How I Shot a Light-Painting Levitation Portal Photo

My Name is Swen Cubilette, and I’m a 34-year-old photographer living in the Central Pennsylvania area. I’ve been shooting photos for about 5 years. In this article, I’ll share how I shot this levitation portal photo. To achieve the results in this image I first locked my camera on my tripod after I had found an area that had a suitable background that I felt would make the shot interesting. To prep the scene, I used a bucket and filled it with water from the river in order to wet the ground as to get more reflection from the
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Shooting a Sunrise Portrait with a Drone-Mounted Flash

This idea had been rolling around in my head for years. I use flashes a lot in my photography. Whether that is a Speedlight on or off camera or in the studio with some big strobes and modifiers. But this is the first time I have ever used an aerial drone-mounted flash. The whole point of this shoot was to light the impossible. I wanted to be able to get a flash where it would be impossible using any normal means. While location scouting I found this rock face with the eastern sky as the background. I first thought it
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A Photo of My Girlfriend, the Lunar Eclipse, Mars, and the Milky Way

I normally love to plan my photos and I would have liked to plan a cool shot with yesterday’s moon eclipse. However, when I planned my current trip to Kyrgyzstan, I didn’t realize I would be there with the lunar eclipse of 2018 (bad planning, I know). I’m staying at the capital of Kyrgyzstan Bishkek. Without a plan, I just went out to a random place out of the city to see the blood moon. I brought my 400mm but I couldn’t really find a cool composition or foreground because the moon was so high up in the sky. The
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How My Photo Went from Reddit to the Walls of NASA

About 4 months ago, I posted a photo of my 7-hexagon canvas cluster to Reddit’s r/space (on a Sunday, the only day you’re allowed to post your own astro photos to the sub). The title of the post was: “I’m a photographer and print-maker and my passion is the night sky. I made this 7-hexagon canvas cluster in honor of the forthcoming James Webb Telescope. The photo is of the Milky Way over WEBBer Lake, CA.” The post went viral and was on the top of Reddit for several hours that day. I received a lot of interest in
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The Time Between: A Look Through the Eyes of an Astrophotographer

It is the hottest time of the day during the hottest month of the year in Montana, but two hundred feet above me a pair of nighthawks sense a change. They dive and twist with a grace somewhere between fighter pilot and falling leaf, air buzzing through their wingtips, raspy calls beckoning night, commanding the sun to set. The single, sand-rock knob that I sit on here in the prairie while I watch their aerial display will hold the heat I feel through my jeans well into darkness. I wipe sweat from my brow and put my back to the
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Shooting Portraits with a $20 Work Light from Home Depot

After seeing photographer Skyler Burt’s experiments with lighting food photos using a cheap work light, photographer Jessica Kobeissi recently purchased that same $20 light from Home Depot for an experimental portrait shoot. The light is the HDX 250-Watt Halogen Portable Work Light — HDX is Home Depot’s store brand. Similar light with the same design and specs can be found on Amazon for $16. Since the light is strong and harsh, Kobeissi recommends placing some kind of diffuser between it and your model (a white sheet can work). But be careful not to place it too close, as the
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Shooting Vintage Car Lifestyle Photos for Self-Promotion

I do a lot of automotive lifestyle personal projects that I use for self-promotion and am constantly on the hunt for new ideas. A friend of mine recently turned me on to Turo, an app for peer-to-peer car rentals. In the past, you had to hire a picture vehicle company to get vintage cars for shoots, and those can be really pricey and are severely limited in terms of how far you can drive the car. I found this 1985 Chrysler LeBaron on the app and immediately fell in love. I did a casting call through, not
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3 Photographers Shoot 1 Model to Show That Style is What Matters

Here’s a 13-minute video in which three photographers (Sheldon Evans, Ricardo Lategan, and Jessica Amdur) were tasked with shooting portraits of the same model (Maya Boraine), a challenge popularized by photographer Jessica Kobeissi. “We wanted to show you that it doesn’t matter what gear you have, where you are, or what you shoot,” Evans writes. “It all comes down to your personal style. “You can take a completely different photo to someone else even if you have the exact same model, same styling, and same location because it’s up to you as a photographer
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How to Create Full-Color Photos Using Only B&W Film

The three-color method of using colored lens filters when shooting black-and-white photos was one of the earliest techniques for creating color photos. This 11.5-minute video is an exploration of how this process is done. The video was created by Mike Elsherif and JohnBen Lacy of Clovehitch Productions. “The video is a photographic inquiry to see if full-color photographs can be produced using only black and white film,” Elsherif tells PetaPixel. “The educational video utilizes imaginative visuals, humor, and inventive editing to lend a sense of style to an otherwise didactic format.” The video starts off by explaining color
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Shoot Light-Painting Photos During the Day Using an ND Filter

Light-painting photography is generally done in the dark since you need long exposure times to capture moving light sources as streaks. But use can also shoot long-exposure photos in bright sunlight using a neutral density filter. Photographer Eric Paré recently did just that, experimenting with doing light-painting in afternoon daylight. Paré used a 10-stop ND filter by NiSi on his 24mm lens and set his camera to bulb mode, triggering it with a remote shutter. “As with my usual work, the trick here is to be able to balance three things: the ambient light, the camera settings, and the brightness
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Shooting and Editing Multiple Night Exposures: Moonrise Over Car Trails

My name is Connar L’Ecuyer, and I’m a landscape photographer based in Southern California. A little while ago, I was driving on the highway at night and there is a section where the highway goes up some mountains. The moon was just rising over the highway. I thought to myself “That’s pretty awesome — I want to get a shot of that!”, and a few weeks later I was able to shoot it! Before I went to shoot the image, I looked at The Photographer’s Ephemeris to see when the moon would be rising above the section of
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The World’s Highest Street Photo

This is a tale of friendship, family, photography, and travel. Forgive me if I stray from the narrative of cameras and the like, but photography does not exist on an island. My claim to have captured the Highest Street Photo in the World admittedly relies on a relatively restrictive definition of what this genre entails. However, I will leave the nit-picking of definitions to others. I believe a street photo usually has to be taken from a street (duh) and in an urban environment. Komic, a small village in the Himalayan Mountains, fits this definition as it is the highest
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