5 Ways to Get Faster with Resolve Shared Workflow

This post is by Charles Haine from No Film School

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Resolve’s user sharing tools take some getting used to but can add a lot of speed to your workflow.

If you tried to set up a shared workflow when Resolve 14 Beta came out last May, or even when the stable release arrived last September, only to find using the terminal for command line control was a bit much, it might be time to take another look. While the biggest Resolve news lately has been the features coming with Fusion Integration (we’ll be taking a deep dive into that this summer), and native DCP authoring does everything except the extFS formatting), there is another update that we want to call your attention to. In December, Blackmagic released a Resolve Studio update that made setting up a shared database easier than before, and the advantages it gives in the workflow make it well worth investigating. In this post, you’ll find an intro to the shared database and five tips for using it in the most streamlined manner.

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