6 Things Legendary DP Roger Deakins Wants You to Know About Cinematography

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There’s so much to learn from Oscar-winning DP Roger Deakins’ illustrious career.

Roger Deakins is one of the most admired, respected, and talented DPs working today, so when he speaks, we’d all be wise to listen. Over the course of his nearly fifty-year career of telling stories with light and composition, he has shared a wealth of knowledge about the craft of cinematography. Lucky for us, the team over at StudioBinder has culled through the many interviews Deakins has given over the years to come up with six essential pieces of advice from the Master . Check out the video below:

Even though every interview and sound bite Deakins has given is worth watching and listening to in full, the video acts as a convenient compendium of expert cinematographic insight from one of the greatest DPs of all time. Here are the six tips StudioBinder goes over:

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