7 Painful Lessons Learned While Making My Thesis Film

This post is by Romel Rodriguez from No Film School

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There’s no better classroom than being on set.

It was my last semester in film school but our professors had been preparing us for almost a year for the biggest project we had to make so far. I had written the script for my thesis film almost a year and a half before that time. It was stored away in the depths of my desktop for a while and I pulled it out for our thesis screenwriting class. The 13-minute movie The Funniest Person Ever is about a struggling stand up comedian who makes a to be…you guessed it…the funniest person ever. Her wish is granted but she soon finds out it’s not all its cracked up to be.

The thought “Damn, this is going to be hard but exciting to make“ came about in that same screenwriting class. So that’s where my first piece of advice comes in. I hope you can learn from my lessons below to make your thesis film dreams come true.

Hearing your own script read aloud by others will shatter the tunnel vision.

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