Another Case of Image Theft, This Time by FOX News!

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copyright lawI really dislike seeing stories like this… you would think that people in the business of publishing would respect the work of others in the same business.

Sadly it seems that isn’t always the case as seen by this example where a news service used images/video even after the copyright holder said no to the request.

Some might say “well, at least they asked!” LOL! But I can only hope that the message got lost somewhere in translation.

He Said No, Fox News Used His Images Anyway

Via PhotoShelter, Inc:

Over the weekend, Ellicott City, Maryland was pummeled massive rainfall, which triggered devastating flash floods through the historic district of town. Resident Max Robinson was trapped in an apartment building near Main St and Maryland Ave when he started documenting what transpired on Twitter.

As the social media coordinator for Howard County Recreation and Parks and contributing journalist to the Baltimore Beat, Robinson was no stranger to social media norms and intellectual property rights. So when he received a request for free publication of his work on “Fox News Network, LLC & Fox News Edge affiliates use on all platforms” in exchange for credit, he responded quickly and tersely.

But the request seems to have been perfunctory because Fox News used his content anyway.

Dramatic video shows “catastrophic” flash floods in Ellicott City amid heavy rains on Sunday. A state of emergency has been declared in Maryland.

— Fox News (@FoxNews) May 28, 2018

The National Press Photographer Association’s General Counsel and photographer advocate Mickey Osterreicher didn’t take kindly to the blatant disregard, accurately pointing out that under U.S. Copyright Law 17 U.S. Code § 504, willful infringements can lead to statutory damages up to $150,000 per image.

Read full article at PhotoShelter, Inc “He Said No, Fox News Used His Images Anyway”

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