Demo Test: Alpa PL Mount for Hasselblad Opens Possibilities for Medium Format

This post is by Charles Haine from No Film School

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Is there finally a viable option for true medium format cinema cameras?

Alpa has gone and done it: a PL mount on a Hasselblad. Before we get too excited, let’s start with all the caveats. First off, the Alpa Platon PL Mount we tested is a prototype, so this is still purely a thought experiment, a design study. Yes, many design studies show the next steps coming from a company, but sometimes they turn out to just be the concept car that never arrives, like VW releasing designs for a new Bus every few years never actually delivering. It’s important not to get too excited too soon. Alpa doing a PL mount body for the Hasselblad H6D could be a sign of the next wave of things to come. Or it could be the Aston Martin Lagonda. But even the Lagonda pointed the way to what we now see with the Culinan, albeit from a rival company. This prototype could mean that true medium format (as opposed to full frame, which is larger than Super35mm but still not a medium format like we get digitally in stills with the Hasselblad and Fujifilm GFX platforms) could be finally an option for filmmakers.

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