DJI Reveals Price of Stabilizer for the Rest of Us: The Ronin S

This post is by Charles Haine from No Film School

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DJI already dominates the sky, but continues its path to conquering the ground with a ship date for the new Ronin S.

DJI has done an amazing job of bringing its stabilization expertise, developed to keep cameras steady up in the air, to ground-based camerawork. The company’s pace of innovation is so fast it’s almost exhausting, with seemingly most major products updated in the last year or so, except the mid-range which just got a bump with the massively revamped Ronin S.

The high-end Ronin 2 is wonderful, but is frankly rental item for most of us, and even that only occasionally. The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 (leaving Apple exclusivity and available wide soon) is fantastic for smartphone work and will likely make it to the scout bag of many filmmakers wanting to plan out more sophisticated shots. But it’s the Ronin S that had most of us excited, and now it’s available for pre-order at a price of only $699.

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