Get on the Next ‘Star Wars’ Set as a BFI Student Trainee

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Thanks to the British Film Institute and Lucasfilm, the galaxy is no longer so far, far away.

It probably isn’t too much of a reach to assume that many young people are introduced to the “magic of movies” via kid-friendly Hollywood blockbusters designed for mass consumption. It’s also safe to assume that the Star Wars franchise, kickstarted in 1977 by George Lucas, has served as their defacto Holy Grail for inspiration. Numerous careers can be traced back to a filmmaker’s Star Wars memory of sitting down to watch a story told from a galaxy far, away, and often with a personal hope of getting to work on a future installment. Oh, to have that incredibly rare opportunity.

If you’re a student between the ages of 16-19 and are based in the United Kingdom, the British Film Institute Academy’s Future Skills program is looking to make that a reality. In addition to being a valuable experience meant to strengthen and sustain your career as you continue onward, it may even provide the chance to work on the next Star Wars film. Applications for the BFI Film Academy’s summer residency program are now open.

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