Here’s an Analogy for Filmmaking That Will Be Music to Your Ears

This post is by V Renée from No Film School

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“A film is—or should be—more like music than like fiction.” -Stanley Kubrick

Certain things come naturally to certain people. Maybe for you, it’s math, painting, sports, or carpentry. For me, it’s music. There’s something about it that just clicks in my brain and makes sense, which is completely opposite of my experience with filmmaking. Making movies does not make sense to me, not naturally, anyway. I have to fight and work so hard to understand such basic principles that sometimes it almost seems like I’m just not cut out for it.

then I heard an analogy that totally put everything in perspective for me. Simon Cade of DSLRguide recently uploaded a video that illustrates the parallels between music and film, which, if you’re 1.) confused about filmmaking, and 2.) a natural-born musician and use music to understand pretty much everything about the world already, then you’ll want to check this video out.

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