How Two Filmmakers Risked Life & Limb to Tell the Forgotten Story of ‘The Interpreters’

This post is by Oakley Anderson-Moore from No Film School

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‘The Interpreters’ tells the tale of locals who helped the U.S. Military during the Iraq and Afghanistan and are now being hunted down by forces like ISIS and the Taliban.

Filmmakers Sofia Khan and Andrés Caballero first came across a former interpreter, who goes by the nickname Phillip Morris, in Minnesota. Sergeant Paul Braun worked with Morris during the Iraq war and set out to help Morris get a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) to escape being a marked target in Iraq. The U.S. Government created the SIV specifically for interpreters like Philip Morris, because of bureaucracy and growing anti-immigrant sentiment, the process that should legally take no more than 90 days often takes five to ten years. For many of the tens of thousands of interpreters waiting, that translates into a death sentence.

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