Learn How to Use Magnets, Gear Ties, and Suction Cups to Create This DIY Car Mount

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Today’s magic word is “triangulation.”

Car mounts for your camera rig aren’t always expensive—you can usually buy a single suction cup system for, like, 20 bucks. The problem with them, though, is that, while they take care of the issue of actually mounting a camera to your car, they don’t take care of the issue of making your footage as stable as possible. This is where triangulation comes in. More expensive car mounts use additional rods to add support to your camera rig on multiple sides so it doesn’t sway, a formation that looks like, guessed it, a triangle.

In this tutorial, Michael Lohrum, the DIY Camera Guy shows you how to not only build your own DIY GoPro car mount but also how to triangulate it with support rods and magnets— which are all kinds of fun. Check out the video below:

The video, nor the video’s description, offers a list of materials, so, while I’ve done my best to name all of the supplies Lohrum used in the tutorial, I might’ve missed a few:

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