Nashville Filmmakers Guild Post-Production Workshop June 2

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The Nashville Filmmakers Guild is more than just a Facebook group. It’s an active organization in and around Nashville , Tennessee that has spent the last several years doing many different things: The Great NLE Debate, the Camera Debate, #Setlife Roles as well as workshops on lighting, VR 360, shooting film, the business side of filmmaking and many others. StoryGive was a way for filmmakers to give back by giving a weekend of their time to make a film for a non-profit.

One June 2 we are hosting a Post-Production workshop.

This all day workshop will be taught by and veteran editor Jason Lyons. We are grateful to Columbia State Community College for lending us the use of their lab at their Franklin, TN campus which will provide a workstation for the 20 people who attend. The cost is $99 and you can sign up right here. Space is limited so the sooner you sign up the better!

The 10:00 am to 6:00 pm class will follow this outline:

Session 1 – Overview of the Edit/Workflow Discussion
What you need to know before the shoot – Arm yourself with as much information about the project such as injest methods, types and number of cameras, method of the shoot (single cam, multicam, etc.) and type of project to name a few.

Session 2 – Injest
This will cover the entire inject processes and talk about the different types of camera systesm and project types and methods and how they each effect the injest process for you as an editor.

Session 3 – Organization
In this section we will cover setting up your assets within an NLE (Non Linear Editing Software) and begin organizing them that best fits the project. This includes creating sets of standards to follow throughout the process, no matter if the project is large or small.

Session 4 – Edit
This sessions will cover some of the good habits and techniques to adopt to benefit your editing process. This will ocver editing sources vs nesting, Scott Simmon’s pancake method, revealing clip shortcuts, and understanding how becoming efficient during the Injest and Organization processes pay of in the edit.

Session 5 – Under the hood
We get down, dirty and technical with some of the inner workings of the NLE. This helps you understand how your software works and how you can troubleshoot when things get quirky… because they will!

Session 6 – Wrapping up Q&A
Here will be your chance to ask all those questions you will have during the workshop.

I hope to see you there! You don’t have to live in Nashville or be a member of the Nashville Filmmakers Guild to attend.

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