Stopping down for better skin textures: You don’t always need to shoot portraits wide open

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Many of us have heard of the term "portrait prime" to describe a fast lens. Photographers often reach for f/1.4, f/1.8 and f/2 lenses when shooting portraits to capture images with shallow depth of field and dreamy backgrounds. Sony Artisan <a href="" >Miguel Quiles</a> often opts for a stopped down aperture instead, which is an unusual choice. Let&#39;s learn more about why this is in Quiles&#39; latest video for Adorama&#39;s <a href=";list=PLwm6LvGc5xq0oJ3sV-K7e-D0CRgG8kfEE" >Breakdown</a> video series.

Selecting your aperture is something which has a massive impact on what your final portraits end up looking...
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