The Unofficial Reading List of the Brilliant Code Breakers in ‘Zodiac’

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From ‘The Code Breakers’ to first edition James Bond novels, ‘Zodiac’ is a mystery lover’s dream.

If David Fincher’s 2007 mystery-thriller Zodiac taught us anything about cracking ciphers, it’s that you need to read lots and lots and lots of books. Perhaps all you amateur code breakers out there managed to catch a glimpse at a few titles that appeared in the film, including David Kahn’s The Code Breakers and John Laffin’s Codes and Ciphers, but there were many other books, as well as articles and movies, that not only informed the film’s characters they worked to decode the infamous Zodiac Killer’s encrypted letters but also informed the audience about the where and when the film took place.

In this video essay, H. Nelson Tracey of Hint of Film reveals all of the books, articles, music, films, and pop culture memorabilia that appeared in Zodiac, which serves as the perfect reading list for fans of the film, as well as aspiring cryptographers.

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