TIME’s New Cover Is 100 Meters Tall and Made Out of 958 Drones

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Drones are kind of a big deal now. Just look at TIME Magazine’s new cover.

TIME Magazine has always lead the way with creative cover art, but this one really takes the cake. For its latest issue about the prevalence of drones in today’s culture, TIME partnered with Intel’s Drone Light Show team, Astraeus Aerial Cinema Systems and L.A. Drones to create a hovering formation of 958 Shooting Star drones measuring 100 meters tall that mimicked the border and logo of the iconic magazine, resulting in not only TIME’s first drone-captured cover but also of the biggest drone shows ever produced in the U.S.”

So, how does one organize, design, and then execute the formation of nearly a thousand drones? To answer that question, TIME shot a behind-the-scenes video that shows you how the project came together, from how Intel’s Animation Lead, Tim Heath, worked out the physical design to how Astraeus Aerial Lead Pilot, Corey Gineris, managed to keep all 958 drones in the air.

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