Traveling with Batteries? Don’t Fly Without Knowing the TSA Restrictions First

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Not being knowledgeable about the TSA’s rules on flying with batteries could lead to some real trouble.

Look at you, you little travelin’ filmmaker, with your gear packed up all nice and tight and your eyes beaming with excitement! It’d be a shame if you got to airport security and had to ditch your expensive batteries because you didn’t know the TSA’s restrictions and regulations regarding lithium ion. In this helpful video, Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens shares a few tips on flying with batteries commonly used by filmmakers like yourself, including which fit the criteria, how many you can take on the plane, and how to pack them so they don’t cause a problem at the security check. Check it out below:

When it comes to dry cell Alkaline batteries, the ones that you use once and then throw away (AA, AAA, D, 9-volt, etc.), the TSA allows you to bring as many as you want on the plane and permits you to pack them both in your checked and carry-on luggage. However, the TSA’s rules on flying with rechargeable lithium ion batteries are a little more restrictive, imposing both size and quantity limits, as well as rules on storage.

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