Watch: How Minimalistic Cinematography Brought ‘The Godfather Part II’ to Life

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DP Mike Eley breaks down Gordon Willis’s cinematography in ‘The Godfather Part II.’

In a new video essay from Cooke Optics, Mike Eley, cinematographer of Jane Eyre, Touching the Void, and, most recently, Woman Walks Ahead, walks us through the game-changing cinematography of The Godfather Part II. To shoot the film, the legendary “Prince of Darkness” Gordon Willis expanded upon the shadowy, underlit aesthetic he employed on The Godfather, but there were some notable changes to his method.

For one, the Eley explains, The Godfather Part II released in 1974, was among the first generation of films to shoot mostly on location—a result of increasingly mobile camera technology and a growing trend that saw studios moving away from sets. The film features many scenes in a taxi and on the street, and many compositions use the architecture of existing locations to tell the story. “It took on that air of being real,” Eley says.

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