Watch: The Subtle Differences Between a Zoom and a Dolly Shot

This post is by Erik Luers from No Film School

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There are numerous way to dive deeper into an image.

Even if it’s currently out of fashion amongst cinematographers’ go-to storytelling devices, the zoom can be an effective, image-enhancing choice perfect for thematic purposes. By merely mentioning the word “zoom,” we’re pretty sure a classic example immediately popped into your head: Was it John Alcott’s famous shot zooming into Jack Nicholson’s glazed over face in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining? Douglas Milsome’s zoom into Vincent D’Onofrio’s similarly possessed face in Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket?

In a new video presented by Fandor, the of the zoom is laid out, along with a highly invaluable note: its definition. For far too long, our old friend has been confused with a Dolly shot due to its, at first glance, shared visual similarities.

Below, the video breaks down the differences between the two along with, as evidenced by the image above, when they both can merge.

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