7 Basic Questions Your Screenplay Should Answer (And How ‘The Last Jedi’ Answers Them 3 Times)

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If your story can’t answer these 7 questions, then you may not actually have a story.

When it comes to screenwriting, everybody and their Aunt Ginger has a theory or philosophy. Some writers swear by Joseph Campbell’s monomyth, others swear by Syd Field’s three-act structure, and still others are like, “I don’t have to follow any damn rules.” Guess what. They’re all right. Stories can sprout up out of pretty much any structural paradigm you sow them in, but there is one narrative element that is almost always essential for storytelling: conflict.

Conflict is what turns boring events into intriguing drama, and in this video essay, Sage Hyden of Just Write uses Star Wars: The Last Jedi to explain how to develop conflict within your narrative by seeing if your story can answer seven basic questions.

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