A Few Tricks That Will Help You Conquer That Massive Edit in Premiere Pro

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Some projects are gargantuan in size—all the more reason to have a fast and efficient workflow.

Working on massive edits can be really intimidating with all of that footage waiting to be sifted through, imported, and arranged on your timeline. These kinds of projects naturally take a lot of time to complete, but they can actually take you less time than you think if you know how some simple methods for streamlining your workflow. In this video, Kris A. Truini of Kriscoart shares a few tips on how to tackle big projects (as well as ones), including techniques on faster importing, stacked timelines, and more. Check it out below:

Every editor has their own unique approach to their work, but if you’ve wanted to find ways to make your workflow faster and more efficient, Truini certainly provides the goods in the video. Here are some of the key techniques he shares:

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