Fujifilm GetPix DASH photo kiosk is designed for mobile devices

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Fujifilm has unveiled GetPix DASH, an inexpensive photo kiosk platform for printing images from a mobile device. The GetPix DASH, which resembles a tablet on a pole, doesn’t require a mobile app or cable, instead using a companion website where customers upload their images.

According to Fujifilm, anyone can use the GetPix DASH photo kiosk by uploading images to mygetpix.com and then retrieving them at the kiosk using a unique code. Fuji chose the ASK-300 dye-sublimation printer for the platform, which it says offers lab-quality prints in seconds while keeping costs low.

Fujifilm will begin selling the GetPix DASH kiosk on July 2 for $1,999 USD.

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