Here’s what happens when you attach a 70-200mm F4 to a Game Boy Camera

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Why? The better question: Why not?

There’s an unlikely vintage camera enjoying something of a resurgence these days: 1998’s 0.5MP Game Boy Camera. Attached to a game cartridge, Game Boy Camera brought digital photography to the youth 2 bits at a time. Lately, its legacy has continued to evolve as clever DIYers repurpose it for astrophotography and motorsports photography, and have even trained neural networks to convert the camera’s low-res monochrome images into photorealistic color.

Clearly, it was time for somebody to step up and work out how to attach EF lenses to the thing. And that’s just

Bastiaan Ekeler did. He’s a designer and self-proclaimed tinkerer, and feeling inspired by recent projects reviving the Game Boy Camera, saw an opportunity for a little fun. His 3D-printed adapter fits to a partially disassembled camera, and with a 1.4x teleconverter and 70-200mm F4 attached, produces an impressive 3026.8mm equivalent view.

With all of the parts in place he took a stroll on the beach to put the rig to use, and even managed a few photos of the full moon despite contending with a dim screen and a 1 fps refresh rate in low light.

Long Beach Bar “Bug” Lighthouse. (Canon 70-200 f4 + Canon 1.4x extender). Photo by Bastiaan Ekeler.
A Seagull at Norman E. Klipp Marine Park (Canon 70-200 f4 + Canon 1.4x extender). Photo by Bastiaan Ekeler.
The full moon on 2018-05-30 in Greenport, NY. (Canon 70-200 f4 + Canon 1.4x extender). Photo by Bastiaan Ekeler.

Head to Ekeler’s website for a full-write up of the project and more sample images. You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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