Hot Wheels Made a $1 Toy Car with a GoPro Mount

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Hot Wheels has unveiled a new $1 toy car called the Zoom In that boasts a never-before-seen feature: a GoPro camera mount for capturing the car’s point of view as it zooms around a track.

The slot on top of the car can fit a GoPro Hero Session or Hero5 Session camera (CNET points out that both of these are discontinued models). A bar on one end clips onto the top of the camera and grips it securely.

Here’s a sneak peek of how the car works and what it can capture, by Izzy’s Toy Time:

People have

been strapping GoPro cameras to Hot Wheels cars for a couple of years now. An example is this masterpiece by 5MadMovieMakers from 2016:

The Hot Wheels Zoom In will be hitting toy store shelves later this month with a price tag of $1.09.

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