How a New Cinematic Language Was Formed to Film ‘Around’ a Character in ‘A Kid Like Jake’

This post is by Erik Luers from No Film School

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Silas Howard’s Sundance hit portrays a Brooklyn couple who suspect their young child is transgendered.

Identifying what makes a child special is often identifying what makes a child different, and in Silas Howard’s moving drama A Kid Like Jake, the blurry lines between uniqueness and outcast are brought to the forefront.

Greg (Jim Parsons) and Alex (Claire Danes) play the parents of Jake (Leo James Davis), a four-year-old boy who will soon be going to a private or magnet school for elementary school education. That’s what his parents hope for, at with their local Brooklyn public school rezoned and their new one overcrowded, the parents find it necessary to look into private schools for Jake that can offer more individual attention. To say these institutions cost an-arm-and-a-leg would be an understatement.

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