How to Build the Best PC for Your Video Editing Needs

This post is by Piotr Toczyński from No Film School

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This is where it might be wise to invest a major part of your budget.

If you want your footage to play smoothly inside the non-linear editing (NLE) system of your choice, what is the most important component? We’ll go through them one-by-one below, but first, let me stress one particular thing.

If you’re a new filmmaker who isn’t making videos for a living, you do not necessarily need a powerful computer to work off of. The truth is that you can conduct professional editing with any available machine and editing . Work with what you have! The hardware is less important.

Any pro will tell you that rather than focus on the tools, you should focus on improving your skill. This is accomplished via learning the art of storytelling and gathering feedback on your work. However, if video production and video editing is the way you make a living, a good PC will, of course, speed up your workflow. It will make your work more efficient (which eventually will save you money).


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