How to Nail Equipment Pickups and Start the Shoot off Right

This post is by Jacob Bittens from No Film School

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Getting things right on Day Zero sets up your entire shoot for success.

It’s the first day of set. The crew has arrived ready for the next five weeks of filming. They’re pulling up in trucks loaded to the brim with cutting-edge equipment. The production tents are up. Tables set. It’s go time.

But how did it all get there? A film shoot doesn’t come together through magic. It’s a meticulously assembled business operation that brings together mountains of supplies from all the departments. Typically, these converge on a single day a team, a vehicle, and a carefully crafted schedule. While often invisible to shooting crew, errors made during these pickups can have ramifications far down the line, leading to catastrophic losses of time, money, and morale. Here are some tips and tricks for the savvy producer hoping to nail your Day Zero.

There is nothing more awkward than showing up to a rental house to pick up five tons of equipment in your mom’s sedan.

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