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Cine Gear certainly isn’t the biggest event in the industry, but many people mention it as their favorite, and it’s easy to see why. Taking place on the Paramount Studios lot, it’s a location that is convenient for the many LA-based professionals in the industry, and the manageable space and crowd makes it feel like you can actually see everything. As we’ve detailed in the past, there’s always plenty to see at the event, and this year was no different.

Some of the bigger news coming out of Cine Gear 2018 centered on Sony’s announcement of how James Cameron is utilizing VENICE camera for his latest project, Panavision revealing a dynamically adjustable liquid crystal ND, Core SWX announcing that the cycle rating of its battery packs have all doubled and the Anton/Bauer new Dionic XT. For our complete Cine Gear 2018 coverage, click here.

Beyond this kind of news though, Cine Gear is the chance for many people to get their hands on the equipment and gear that they’ve been wanting to check out but haven’t been able to for a variety of reasons. Cine Gear is a place where that can and does happen, as countless production professionals come to understand what kind of tools can and are making a difference on productions of all sizes.

We took a look at as many of the news, insights and happenings at the event as we could and shared them on social media, and a lot of other people did the same. Some of the highlights below, but you can also see everything we posted on Twitter at the event or check out #2018cinegearexpola to look at everything.

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