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The inspirational cloud I’m sitting up high on right now is mind-blowing! Big thanks to Scott and the whole team behind Photoshop World for putting on the worlds most incredible conference!



I’m Dave Williams and as with every #TravelTuesday, I’m right here on Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider to share something from my world. As somebody who is involved in KelbyOne but only involved in Photoshop World as an attendee, it seems appropriate that this week I can share some of the little nuggets of gold from the hub of inspiration, education and networking that the Hyatt Regency,


I’ll focus on what I take as the most important element of Photoshop World, but that’s from my perspective and not from everybody’s: – the networking.



You see how many awesome people are in this picture? The chief technical chair of Photoshop World, Scott Kelby. The host with the most, podcaster, broadcaster, and so much more, Larry Becker. Assistant to Joe McNally and Scott Kelby, now ruling concert photography, Brad Moore. 2018 Photoshop Guru Award winner for best in show, Kirk Marsh. 2017 Photoshop Guru Award winner for Photography, owning underwater photography, Dalton Hamm. Photoshop World Instructor for dog photography, Kaylee Greer. The other half of Dog Breath Photography, and a totally lit portrait photographer, Sam Haddix. Photoshop wizard, Guru Award winning Mark Rodriguez. Photoshop User Magazine contributor, photographer and ‘down to the very last pixel’ creator of mind-meltingly magic photos, Gilmar Smith. Portrait and real-estate king of L.A., JR Maddox. Capturer of magic and sparkles, park photographer and videographer, Doug Young. Wedding and Event photographer with an eye for detail and the Couples Choice Award 2018 to prove it, Matt Divine. Even I’m lucky enough to be in this shot! You get my point, right?


What I’m saying here is that Photoshop World is the best place in the industry to make and maintain connections, bar none. It’s funny because when you learn to write for editorial there are a whole bunch of rules, one of which is that when you want to emphasise something you put it in italics, you don’t make it bold and underline it, but I just can’t make that point strongly enough! Take this example: – the photo floating above this paragraph is with Chris Main, editor of Photoshop User Magazine and Lightroom Magazine. I’m standing with him on the expo floor, proudly showing some of my articles and tutorials on the screens. What’s particularly nice about it is being able to spend time with Chris in person rather than via e-mail. Similarly, the photo below is with the (L-R) Noah, Larry and Maria, who are the entire Platypod team. Seeing them pop up so frequently on KelbyOne productions maybe makes you think that it’s a huge corporation, massively financially backed with a huge marketing budget, etc etc. In fact it’s Larry who invented it, and it’s plugged so frequently because it’s simply a great product! Being able to spend some time with them, too, rather than limit all exchanges to e-mail was really special.



The sheer power of connecting with the people you see at Photoshop World is phenomenal. It’s literally a career builder. It’s inspiring to talk to like minded individuals in a setting where you absolutely know you can say almost anything to almost anyone and both be on the same page. It’s a place where, not only can you learn, but also you can take a lunch break or an evening meal and still carry on learning and building connections. Even over breakfast you can have a meeting or a conversation steered towards photography, Photoshop, creativity, business, anything! I’m the kind of person who uses coffee for fuel, and man I couldn’t get my coffee quick enough at this breakfast: –


So, in summary my point is this: –

You should never underestimate the power of networking provided by Photoshop World, as well as the learning, inspiration, motivation, and everything else on offer! You never know who you might be talking to, and everybody there is your friend.

British pro tip: – take the time to experience the local culture and cuisine, like I did with Mike ‘Hollywood’ Kubeisy and JR Maddox 😉



Much love


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