The Most Exciting Tech of Cinegear 2018 & Why Movie Theaters are Failing Audiences [PODCAST]

This post is by Liz Nord from No Film School

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In this episode of Indie Film Weekly, Cinegear 2018 offers filmmaking tools for all budgets.

Jon Fusco, Erik Luers, and yours truly, Liz Nord discuss the unexpected indie hit en route to becoming Magnolia’s highest-grossing film, how cinemas may actually be doing a disservice to great cinematography, and a new platform helping filmmakers make money. Charles Haine joins us fresh off the plane from Cinegear to report on all the latest in video tech from the expo, including some big announcements from Panavision. Charles also answers an Ask No Film School about which audio editing software to choose for a documentary.

As always, the show also brings news you can use about gear, upcoming grant and festival deadlines, this week’s indie film releases, industry wisdom, and other notable things you might have missed while you were busy making films.

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