Chromebook/ChromeOS audio production: a maturing platform

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In several past articles, I have reviewed and provided workflows for Auphonic (the apps), Cleanfeed Pro and Hindenburg Journalist Pro, but those were not tested on a Chromebook. Instead, I had tested Cleanfeed and Hindenburg Journalist Pro on macOS (on a Macbook Air) and the Auphonic apps on both Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch). Now, I have attempted to use some my favorite audio applications on ChromeOS, specifically on a 14” IPS matte IPS Chromebook. Two of the three have worked perfectly so far and at our standardized 48 kHz sampling rate, while one has so far failed in the

phase, without allowing me to test the app itself yet, together with some alternatives. Details ahead.

Auphonic Android app on Chromebook?

Yes! It is working fine with the latest Chromebooks that also support Android apps officially, and the Auphonic Android app continues to work at our preferred 48 kHz audio sampling frequency in my testing! How do I know that? Because I set Auphonic to Automatic (Device Output Rate) without having to force it to either of the other two options, and it appears as 48 kHz on the recording screen, and the resulting file is indeed 48 kHz too! This was the case both with the Chromebook’s internal microphone and when using an external class-compliant USB audio interface.

See my Auphonic articles here, and my All audio production & distribution should go 48 kHz.

Cleanfeed Pro on Chromebook?

Yes, it is working perfectly, and at our preferred 48 kHz audio sampling. This was the case both with the Chromebook’s internal microphone and when using an external class-compliant USB audio interface.

Unlike when I use Cleanfeed Pro on Mac —where I do a backup multitrack Cleanfeed recording in Hindenburg Journalist Pro because 1 time out of 10, there is a strange resampling issue with one of the sources in the Cleanfeed recording, but not with the Cleanfeed live connection, this problem has yet to happen in my testing of Cleanfeed on a Chromebook, or with a client who also used Cleanfeed Pro with her Chromebook.

See of my Cleanfeed articles here, and listen to the interview with one of Cleanfeed’s partners here.

Hindenburg Journalist Pro on Chromebook?

Not yet, but my favorite multitrack audio editing software for macOS is not officially supported for ChromeOS anyway! I just couldn’t resist trying it, considering that the following are true:

  1. Even though it is not officially supported, there are Hindenburg Journalist Pro users who have successfully installed and use it on Linux using non-alcoholic Wine. For those unfamiliar, Wine (recursive backronym for Wine Is Not an Emulator) is a free and open-source compatibility layer that aims to allow computer programs developed for Microsoft Windows to run on Unix-like operating systems.
  2. I attempted to use CodeWeavers CrossOver for ChromeOS. Crossover uses non-alcoholic Wine to run many Windows apps on macOS as shown in the below video, and more recently, on ChromeOS.

Sadly, something failed (twice) during the Hindenburg Journalist Pro installer. Considering that CrossOver for ChromeOS is still in ßeta, I still have not lost hope for using Hindenburg Journalist Pro on a Chromebook in the future. In the meantime, consider using an Android multitrack audio app on Chromebook, or TwistedWave Online, covered briefly in the next section.

TwistedWave Online on Chromebook?

Yes, it is working perfectly! According to the creator:

TwistedWave is a browser-based audio editor. You only need a web browser to access it, and you can use it to record or edit any audio file. All the audio is stored and processed on the server, so you don’t need to download anything, or save your work when you are done. Close your browser window and your work is saved. Open TwistedWave somewhere else, and all your audio files, with the complete undo history, are still available.

With a free account, you can edit mono files up to 5 minutes in length. Once you have an account, you can purchase a subscription to increase this limit.

More info at

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