Premiere Pro CC 2019 (13.0.2) Update (ProRes Export on Windows)

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Adobe Adds Support for ProRes Export on Windows and More!

With the release of Premiere Pro CC 2019 (13.0.2) users can now export legit, fully-licensed Apple ProRes in its various flavors on Windows. Learn more about Apple ProRes here.

This is an awesome ‘win’ —no pun intended— not just for Windows users, but for collaboration in general. On a high level, you have Adobe and Apple making a technological compromise. (That’s good for users.) It also means more simplified workflows between Mac and PC. Proxy workflows between Mac and PC will certainly gain from this update. Overall, ability to export ProRes on Windows benefits both individuals and teams of editors who work on projects that move between the two systems.

Quick Background

Just so everyone is on the same page. ProRes could be read natively in previous versions of Premiere Pro. Adobe added native support for reading ProRes on Windows back in 2016 when QuickTime 7 became a security issue on Windows. But Windows users were still not allowed to export ProRes. Until now!

Of course, there were other codecs that could natively cross the great divide between Mac and PC. For example, there’s GoPro Cineform, which we’ve actually been using since switching to PC. We like GoPro Cineform, but there’s just something about it that feels off. Kind of like that one friend who joined the group a little later than everyone else. Nothing wrong with it, but it’s just not the codec you grew up with.

So, thanks GoPro Cineform, but it looks like we’ll be going back to ProRes!

What Does This Update Change the Industry?

In our humble opinion, this move further establishes ProRes as the dominant codec in the industry. (Can we finally just say ProRes is the standard? Honestly, it doesn’t matter if it’s ProRes or not, let’s just pick a standard already!)


Other New Features

The Premiere Pro CC 2019 (13.02) update also adds several other features, such as:

  • HEIF files, recorded on iOS devices can be imported into Premiere Pro and Media Encoder on macOS and Windows. This feature requires macOS 10.13, or higher, and Windows 10 (version 1809 or higher).

  • Faster decoding for Canon Cinema RAW Light footage provides improved playback on multicore Windows 10 machines.

  • Support for ProRes HDR footage allows for accurate import of Rec2020 and PQ/HLG color information from HDR media in ProRes containers.

Read the Release Notes

Bug Fixes

The update also contains the usual bug fixes. There are 40+ bug fixes on the official list put out by Adobe. This update is recommended for all Premiere Pro CC users

Read the List of Bug Fixes

What are your thoughts on this Premiere Pro update? What does the ability to export ProRes on Windows mean to you? How will it change your workflow? We like to hear from you in the comments below!

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