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Image via Neat Video

Image via Neat Video

Neat Video Launches All-New Noise Reduction tool

Few can compete with Neat Video when it comes to removing noise from footage. And with the release of Neat Video 5, the competition is even fiercer!

It is READY! It is HERE! Neat Video 5 – the fastest, most powerful and most user-friendly version of Neat Video yet. The Neat Video 5 is more efficient and makes better use of the available processing power. —Neat Video

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What’s new in neat Video 5?

Neat Video 5 boasts significant performance improvements. It’s 3.5 faster thanks to an “overhaul” of its noise reduction engine. And it’s not just faster, with new visual feedback features, it’s also easier to use.

The Neat Video 5’s noise reduction engine is more efficient and makes better use of the available processing power. —Neat Video

In addition to better noise reduction, Neat Video 5 also includes new features like Flicker and Jitter reduction, as well as improved Sharpening and Dust/Scratch removal.

Neat Video 5 has improved the way frames are analyzed and processed, which has resulted in a general improvement of noise reduction quality. Neat Video 5 also adds some powerful new features to deal with common imperfections in video. —Neat Video

Here’s several more things you get with Neat Video 5:

  • Playback inside Neat Video

  • Adjustable Generic Profile

  • Profile and Noise Level checks

For the complete release notes on Neat Video 5, as well as pricing and upgrade options, click the button below. Don’t forget to try the free demo of Neat Video 5.

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Are you a Neat Video user? Have you upgraded to Neat Video 5 or tried the demo? Let me know what you think of Neat Video 5. Do you notice the improved performance and speed? Is it easier to use?

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