Workaround for Exporting Individual Clips from Sequence in Premiere Pro

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Image via Cut to the Point

Image via Cut to the Point

Use the Project Manager to export your sequences as individual files

Did you think you couldn’t export clips in a sequence as individual files in Premiere Pro? Think again. Because you CAN!

The answer isn’t in the Export Media window, as one might think. Actually, to export a sequence as individual clips, the trick is using the Consolidate and Transcode feature in the Project Manager. Click here to learn more.

Image by Cut to the Point

Image by Cut to the Point

Props to Piotr Toczynski of Cut to the Point for this clever workaround! Watch his video below


see how it’s done.

Published on May 7, 2019 How to Export Individual Clips in Premiere Pro? For example for color grading session or for archiving purposes. It can be done in an automated way! Even if you want to export hundreds of clips from a sequence. —Cut To The Point



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Is this helpful to your workflow? What reason do you have for exporting clips in your sequence as individual files? I’m a workflow junkie, so please share!

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