After Effects Classic Course: Hue/Saturation vs. Color Balance HLS

This post is by Chris and Trish Meyer from ProVideo Coalition

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In the previous post, we focused on the Hue/Saturation effect – but at the end, we briefly mentioned the Color Balance HLS effect which would seem to cover the same territory. Well, it actually has quite a different look. The following movie compares the two head-to-head:

Since we created those movies, a new effect appeared that we also like: Vibrance. Vibrance has a similar effect as increasing saturation, except that it never clips a color channel, meaning it keep a much better overall balance to the resulting colors with a less-obvious result. It’s a very simple effect, with just Vibrance and sliders and no tricks like selecting a specific color range to affect, but it’s useful when you need to bring just a little more life to an existing image or piece of footage.

This movie previously appeared in our Insight Into Effects course on Learning. They’ve retired that course from their library, so we’re making them available publicly for free. Click here for the playlist of previous movies we’ve made available.

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