This Might Be the Most Beautiful Video of the Great American Solar Eclipse

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Behold! The Great American Solar Eclipse in all its glory.

Remember the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017? I do. Its path crossed 20 minutes north of my hometown, so my whole family gathered on my rooftop patio with $15 eclipse glasses to watch the sun disappear to near totality.

I’ll never forgive myself for not making the very short trip to actually experience and photograph the solar eclipse when it reached complete totality, but thanks to a select number of talented photographers and videographers, I can bear witness in the best way: through their work.

Using over 12 cameras in 4 separate locations, photographer Phil Hart managed to capture the incredible event and turn his images into an unforgettable timelapse of one of the coolest occurrences in the cosmos (that we can see with the naked eye…with protection.)

Moon in Motion was awarded a Vimeo Staff Pick for its stellar imagery. Check it out below.

It should go without saying, but a lot of preparation went into Hart’s project, and he documented the massive undertaking on his blog.

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