What Happens if There’s No Gaffer on Set? (Hint: Bad Things)

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There are lots of titles in the credits of films, but today we want to cover the gaffer and make sure you know why they are on set and what they do!

If you’re like me and sit through the credits, you may notice a lot of different jobs on set. Today, I wanted to take a look at a video that covers the gaffer specifically. Gaffers are not just the namesake of some wonderful tape, they do one of the most important jobs on set.

Gaffers help define the look feel of everything you watch.

In this video from Vanity Fair, master gaffer Andy Day takes through a day-in-the-life of a gaffer, revealing how sets are lit for the screen, as well as the lighting techniques he uses to make actors look great.

What’s a Gaffer?

On film and television crews, the gaffer, or chief lighting technician, is the head electrician. Gaffers are responsible for coming up with a plan to light every scene in your movie or TV show. They have to know every detail about the production and work in concert with the cinematographer and director to help achieve a consistent look and feel.

Why are they called gaffers?

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