Anya’s Riddle (OT)

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Riddles are best if you puzzle them out in your head, so no cheating! Google begone.

It's better than God and worse than the devil; the poor have it, and the rich need it; yet if you eat it, you'll die.

What is it?

This was put to us at the "Picnic in the Park" last night by a nimble-minded nine-year-old named Anya. (I hope I'm spelling that right.) Her soon-to-be-stepdad Alex was the only adult who got it.

Please, no spoilers in the Comments. I'll pass along the answer tomorrow morning.

(Thanks to Anya)

UPDATE the next

: The answer is "nothing." Good one, eh?  🙂

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anthony reczek: "Ha ha! For the past twenty four hours, this 'nimble minded nine-year old' in upstate NY was wreaking havoc in households across five continents. Glad I only saw this earlier today…."

mishka: "Spent a lot of time thinking but nothing comes to mind."

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