New LockPort for Fujifilm XT3 Helps You Avoid an HDMI Crisis

This post is by Morgan Dameron from No Film School

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There is nothing more frustrating than fussing with an output when you want to be focused on what you’re filming.

HDMI ports are notoriously fragile. Though convenient, these delicate connectors are a weak point, even in controlled environments.

And mirrorless cameras are designed to be flexible and used anywhere.

One mistake—a yank on the cable—and you not only have to divert your attention but if it causes damage, it could delay the shoot. Not to mention you’d be out a significant amount of money for repairs.

Supporting filmmakers for years with its products designed to take the hit for your camera, LockCircle has released the LockPort XT3, an HDMI port saver adapter clamp aimed at the Fujifilm X-T3 micro HDMI camera port.

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